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Hierarchical Allocator for C
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        halloc 1.2.1


    Hierarchical memory allocation interface - an extension 
    to standard malloc/free interface that simplifies tasks 
    of memory disposal in cases when allocated structures 
    exhibit hierarchical properties.


    Distributed under terms of BSD license. 


    To build libhalloc.a with GNU tools run

    To install in /usr/include and /usr/lib
        make install

    To cleanup the build files 
        make clean



        * fixed a double-free bug in _set_allocator() as per
          Matthew Gregan comments

        * switched to using NULL instead of 0 where applicable


        * added missing <string.h> include to halloc.c

        * improved standard compliance thanks to the feedback
          received from Stan Tobias. Two things were fixed -

        - hblock_t structure no longer uses zero-sized 'data'
          array, which happened to be common, but non-standard

        - secondly, added the code to test the behaviour of 
          realloc(ptr, 0). Standard allows it NOT to act as
          free(), in which case halloc will use its own version
          of allocator calling free() when neccessary.


        * initial public release (rewrite of hhmalloc library)

Copyright (c) 2004-2011, Alex Pankratov ( All rights reserved.
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