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A fun 2-player Pong game for PS3, with some interesting physics and stereo sound.

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Spin Pong is an fun and addictive 2-player Pong game for PS3, with some interesting physics and stereo sound.

This was coded using only a retail unit, using logging over UDP.

I used the guide from:
Thanks go to internetfloozy.

Download latest version from:


Use left analog stick up/down to move paddles.
Press X to signal that you are ready. Both players need to signal ready before game starts.
Press START to signal that you want a game reset. Both players need to signal wants-reset before game starts.


I built this with the 1.92 SDK on windows with msys. Just do this:
- cd [directory with Spin Pong]
- run build.bat
- you now have SpinPong.pkg
- install as usual


If the left paddle is moving up while it's colliding with the ball, the ball will get a clock-wise 
spin and turn red. The faster the paddle moves, the more the ball will start spinning, and the brighter
the color. An anti-clock-wise spin will result in a blue color. The color helps to foresee how the ball
will bounce on the next collision. Furthermore, a spinning ball will move in a curve due to friction against
the air.


All sounds are from my mouth.

For homebrew developers check out Log.h/Log.cpp for code to log over network.
To view the logs, use:
$ socat udp-recv:6160 stdout

Sounds are converted from .wav to .raw using:
for i in *.wav; do sox -V -S $i -r 48000 -e float -b 32 -c 1 -B $i.raw; done
because i was too lazy to code a wav loader.

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