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Extensions to Cappuccino
Objective-J JavaScript PHP
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Fixed: size of _SCImageAndStyledTextView was not calculated correctly.

Previously, _CPImageAndTextView was allowed to calculate the size of the view based on the text. Unfortunately it was calculating based on the size of the markup, not on the size of the formatted text.

This commit precalculates the formatted text size (_textSize), which forces _CPImageAndTextView to use that size when positioning the view.
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@aparajita authored


SCKit is a collection of utility classes for Cappuccino.


An awesome string template engine. Handles both simple and extremely complex string formatting needs.


A drop-in replacement for CPURLConnection that is much easier to use.


A drop-in replacement for CPJSONPConnection that is much easier to use.


A set of utilities for dealing with connection errors. Used by SCURLConnection and SCJSONPConnection.


A drop-in replacement for CPTextField that allows you to format the output with html tags in the value.


To be documented.


To see what build options are available, use jake help.


To see SCString and SCURLConnection in action, do the following:

  1. From the main directory, run jake all. This will build SCKit and make it available to applications.
  2. Install LPKit on your system. You might try this version.
  3. In a terminal, cd into the Tests directory.
  4. Execute capp gen -lf -F SCKit -F LPKit . in a terminal.
  5. Make the Tests directory accessible via a web server that supports PHP, and load index-debug.html.
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