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* SCUtils.j
* SCKit
* Created by Aparajita Fishman.
* Copyright 2012 Aparajita Fishman. All Rights Reserved.
* Licensed LGPL 3.0 -
@implementation SCUtils : CPObject
Aligns the text baseline of one view with the baseline of another.
If a view does not seem to have text of any kind, it's frame is used.
+ (void)alignTextBaselineOf:(CPView)aViewToAlign withBaselineOf:(CPView)anAnchorView
var alignTextFrame = [self textFrameOfView:aViewToAlign],
anchorTextFrame = [self textFrameOfView:anAnchorView],
topDiff = CGRectGetMinY(anchorTextFrame) - CGRectGetMinY(alignTextFrame),
ascenderDiff = [[anAnchorView font] ascender] - [[aViewToAlign font] ascender],
alignOrigin = [aViewToAlign frameOrigin],
anchorOrigin = [anAnchorView frameOrigin];
alignOrigin.y = anchorOrigin.y + topDiff + ascenderDiff;
[aViewToAlign setFrameOrigin:alignOrigin];
Aligns the text baselines of an array of views. The first view in the array
is used as the anchor view to which all of the other views are aligned.
If a view does not seem to have text of any kind, it's frame is used.
+ (void)alignTextBaselineOfViews:(CPArray)views
if (views.length < 2)
var anchorView = views[0],
count = views.length;
for (var i = 1; i < count; ++i)
[self alignTextBaselineOf:views[i] withBaselineOf:anchorView];
+ (CGRect)textFrameOfView:(CPView)aView
[aView layoutIfNeeded];
// Most Cappuccino views use an ephemeral subview named "content-view".
var contentView = [aView ephemeralSubviewNamed:@"content-view"],
if (contentView)
origin = [contentView frameOrigin];
// If there is no ephemeral subview, use the view itself
contentView = aView;
origin = CGPointMakeCopy([contentView bounds].origin);
// Try to extract the text frame
if ([contentView respondsToSelector:@selector(textFrame)])
var textFrame = [contentView textFrame];
// We want to return the offset from the view, so add in the content view's offset
origin.x += CGRectGetMinX(textFrame);
origin.y += CGRectGetMinY(textFrame);
return CGRectMake(origin.x, origin.y, CGRectGetWidth(textFrame), CGRectGetHeight(textFrame));
return [contentView bounds];
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