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This aims to be a simplified version of the original mlc by @axn. OpenWrt can run inside LXC containers and therefore and are even supported via distrobuilder.

Likely this is just a collection of scripts, not a real replacement of mlc.

Use distrobuilder to generate metadata and rootfs for LXC

  • Install golang
  • Install distrobuilder via go build
  • sudo $GOPATH/bin/distrobuilder build-lxc mlc.yml

Now the current folder should contain meta.tar.xz and rootfs.tar.xz.

Create mlc-base image

This image is the base for all further nodes. Via overlayfs the storage usage is minimized.

  • sudo lxc-create -t local -B overlayfs mlc-base -- -m meta.tar.xz -f rootfs.tar.xz

Create mlc-N nodes

These nodes run actually the routing protocols, the name schema is mlc-N.

for i in {1..5}; do
    sudo lxc-clone -n mlc-base -N mlc-$i -B overlayfs -s

Start your containers and run command

for i in {1..5}; do
    sudo lxc-start mlc-$i
    sudo lxc-attach mlc-$i -- bmx7 -f0 dev=eth1.11

Add delay and drops to a bridge

sudo tc qdisc add dev lxcbr0 root netem delay 1000ms
sudo tc qdisc change dev lxcbr0 root netem loss 0.1%
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