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{% assign device =[page.device] %} {% assign image_factory = device.firmware_openwrt_install_url | split: "/" | last %}


Flashing via webinterface

  • Download the factory firmware image offered above to your Computer.
  • Connect your Computer to a LAN port of the TP-link. If the configuration was not changed, the DHCP on the router will give you a 192.168.0.X address and the TP-link web administration page is (User: admin, Password: admin) Under System Tools select Firmware Upgrade. Browse to the previously downloaded {{ image_factory }} file. Click Upgrade.
  • If the Webinterface tells you You have no authority to access this router! that's because your browser does not send the correct HTTP referer header. Disable addons or use a different browser.
  • Connect to with your web browser
  • Set your password and configure the router through the web UI. Basic Config Congratulations! You just installed OpenWrt on your Router!
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