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meta ImageBuilder

Instead of downloading (and updating) ImageBuilders manually, this script does all the work. Automatically download ImageBuilder and create desired image. Extra variables like $PACKAGES are forwarded to the ImageBuilder make call.


Build ar71xx/generic/tl-wr710n-v2.1 with latest (17.01.4) release:

PROFILE="tl-wr710n-v2.1" TARGET="ar71xx/generic" ./meta

Build latest snapshot of the same target/profile combo (both work):

PROFILE="tl-wr710n-v2.1" RELEASE=snapshots TARGET="ar71xx/generic" ./meta

Custom repositories

To support other distributions like LibreMesh which is based on OpenWrt but which use additional repositories, it is possible to replace the repositories.conf with a custom version.

You may setup extra repositories exporting the following variable:

export REPOS="""src/gz reboot_core{{ ib_version }}/targets/{{ target }}/packages
src/gz reboot_base{{ ib_version }}/packages/{{ pkg_arch }}/base
src/gz reboot_luci{{ ib_version }}/packages/{{ pkg_arch }}/luci
src/gz reboot_packages{{ ib_version }}/packages/{{ pkg_arch }}/packages
src/gz reboot_telephony{{ ib_version }}/packages/{{ pkg_arch }}/telephony
src imagebuilder file:packages
src/gz libremesh{{ version }}/packages/{{ pkg_arch }}/libremesh
src/gz libremap{{ version }}/packages/{{ pkg_arch }}/libremap
src/gz limeui{{ version }}/packages/{{ pkg_arch }}/limeui
src/gz lm_routing{{ version }}/packages/{{ pkg_arch }}/routing
src/gz lm_profiles"""

The following variables are automatically replaced:

  • {{ version }} Custom version
  • {{ ib_version }} OpenWrt ImageBuilder version
  • {{ pkg_arch }} Automatically determined package architecture
  • {{ target }}
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