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McSleep: Multichannel sleep spindle detector for sleep EEG

This program detects sleep spindles simultaneously across all channels of a multichannel human sleep EEG using a multichannel transient separation algorithm. Please see the publication below for further details.

To run a quick demo, run the file demo.m To utilize parallel detection on an excerpt of EEG (30 minutes) use runSpindleDetection.m For the MASS database, use the file Mass_parallelSpindleDetection.m For a demo of paramter tuning method used in the publication, run parameterTuning.m

Permanent Contact:

For questions regarding the code, please email at the addresses above.

Please cite as: Multichannel Sleep Spindle Detection using Sparse Low-Rank Optimization A. Parekh, I. W. Selesnick, R. S. Osorio, A. W. Varga, D. M. Rapoport and I. Ayappa Journal of Neuroscience Methods, Vol. 288, pp. 1-16, Aug. 2017. (