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Python connector for ElasticSearch - the pythonic way to use ElasticSearch
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Fixed small bug in partial_update method.
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pyes - Python ElasticSearch


pyes is a pythonic way to use ElasticSearch since 2010.

This version requires elasticsearch 1.x or above. It's a pre release for pyes 1.x. Give a look to migrations documentation to upgrade you code for ElasticSearch 1.x.

We are working to provide full support to ElasticSearch 1.x (check the develop branch: we are using the git-flow workflow) that'll have:

  • connection based on Official ElasticSearch client ??
  • full support to ElasticSearch 1.x (removed old support due incompatibility with old version of ES)
  • migration from multi_field to >field>.fields
  • refactory of old code to be more pythonic
  • performance improvements


  • Python3 support (only HTTP, thrift lib is not available on python3)
  • Thrift/HTTP protocols
  • Bulk insert/delete
  • Index management
  • Every search query types
  • Facet Support
  • Aggregation Support
  • Geolocalization support
  • Highlighting
  • Percolator
  • River support


v. 0.99.0:

Migrated many code to ElasticSearch 1.x

Full coverage for actual queries

v. 0.99:

Added aggregation

Fix for python3 compatibility

Upgraded code to use ElasticSearch 1.x or above

v. 0.90.1:

Bug Fix releases for some python3 introduced regression

v. 0.90.0:

A lot of improvements.

Python 3 support.

Migration to version 0.99

CustomScoreQuery has been removed. The FunctionScoreQuery with its functions cover the previous functionalities. For scripting use ScriptScoreFunction.


  • much more documentation
  • add coverage
  • add jython native client protocol


This software is licensed under the New BSD License. See the LICENSE file in the top distribution directory for the full license text.

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