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Change history
.. contents::
.. _version-0.19.1:
- Create Manager to manage API action grouped as Elasticsearch.
- This allows to simplify ES object and to move grouped functionality in manager. We are following the ElasticSearch
- grouping of actions. For now we are adding:
- Indices Manager: to manage index operation
- Cluster Manager: to manage index operation
- Renamed field_name in name in ScriptFields
- Got docs building on (Wraithan - Chris McDonald)
- Added model and scan to search.
- So one can pass custom object to be created
- Added document exists call, to check is a document exists.
Using manager, a lot of es methods are refactored in the managers. This is the list of moved methods:
- .aliases -> .indices.aliases
- .status -> .indices.status
- .create_index -> .indices.create_index
- .create_index_if_missing -> .indices.create_index_if_missing
- .delete_index -> .indices.delete_index
- .exists_index -> .indices.exists_index
- .delete_index_if_exists -> .indices.delete_index_if_exists
- .get_indices -> .indices.get_indices
- .get_closed_indices -> .indices.get_closed_indices
- .get_alias -> .indices.get_alias
- .change_aliases -> .indices.change_aliases
- .add_alias -> .indices.add_alias
- .delete_alias -> .indices.delete_alias
- .set_alias -> .indices.set_alias
- .close_index -> .indices.close_index
- .open_index -> .indices.open_index
- .flush -> .indices.flush
- .refresh -> .indices.refresh
- .optimize -> .indices.optimize
- .analyze -> .indices.analyze
- .gateway_snapshot -> .indices.gateway_snapshot
- .put_mapping -> .indices.put_mapping
- .get_mapping -> .indices.get_mapping
- .cluster_health -> .cluster.cluster_health
- .cluster_state -> .cluster.state
- .cluster_nodes -> .cluster.nodes_info
- .cluster_stats -> .cluster.node_stats
- .index_stats -> .indices.stats
- .delete_mapping -> .indices.delete_mapping
- .get_settings -> .indices.get_settings
- .update_settings -> .indices.update_settings
- Fixed ResultSet slicing.
- Moved tests outside pyes code dir. Update references. Upgraded test elasticsearch to 0.19.9.
- Added documentation links.
- Renamed scroll_timeout in scroll.
- Renamed field_name in name in ScriptFields.
- Added routing to delete document call.
- Removed minimum_number_should_match parameter.It is not supported by ElasticSearch and causes errors when using a BoolFilter. (Jernej Kos)
- Improved speed json conversion of datetime values
- Added boost argument to TextQuery. (Jernej Kos)
- Go back to urllib3 instead of requests. (gsakkis)
- Enhance Twitter River class. (thanks @dendright)
- Add OAuth authentication and filtering abilities to Twitter River. (Jack Riches)
- HasChildFilter expects a Query. (gsakkis)
- Fixed _parent being pulled from _meta rather than the instance itself. (merrellb)
- Add support of all_terms to TermFacet. (mouad)
- Use default_indices instead of hardcoding ['_all'] (gsakkis)
- Complete rewrite of connection_http (gsakkis)
- Don't collect info on creation of ES object (patricksmith)
- Add interval to histogram facet. (vrachil)
- Improved connection string construction and added more flexibility. (ferhatsb)
- Fixed pickling DotDict.
- Fixed a bug in Decoder.
- Added execution to TermsFilter. Fixed missing _name attribute in serialized object
- Added _cache and _cache_key parameters to filters.
- Added scope, filter and global parameters to facets. closes #119
- Use a single global ConnectionPool instead of initializing it on every execute call. (gsakkis)
- Allow partial_fields to be passed in the Search class. (tehmaze)
- Propagated parameters to bulker.
- Support params for analyze. (akheron)
- Added LimitFilter.
- Fixed support for query as dict in Search object.
- Added ListBulker implementation and create_bulker method.
- Moved imports to absolute ones.
- Removed inused urllib3 files and added timeout to connection_http.
- Add NotFilter as facet filter (junckritter)
- Add terms facet filter
- Tested against 0.18.7, with all tests passing
- Added support for index_stats
- API BREAKING: Added new searcher iterator API. (To use the old code rename ".search" in ".search_raw")
- API BREAKING: renamed indexes in indices. To be complaint to ES documentation.
- Tests refactory.
- Add model object to objetify a dict.
- Updated documentation.
- Added TextQuery and some clean up of code.
- Added percolator (matterkkila).
- Added date_histogram facet (zebuline).
- Added script fields to Search object, also add "fields" to TermFacet (aguereca).
- Added analyze_wildcard param to StringQuery (available for ES 0.16.0) (zebuline).
- Add ScriptFields object used as parameter script_fields of Search object (aguereca).
- Add IdsQuery, IdsFilter and delete_by_query (aguereca).
- Bulk delete (acdha).
- Only require simplejson for python < 2.6 (matterkkila)
- Added basic version support to ES.index and Search (merrellb)
- Added scan method to ES. This is only supported on ES Master (pre 0.16) (merrellb)
- Added GeoPointField to mapping types (merrellb)
- Disable thrift in
- Added missing _routing property in ObjectField
- Added ExistsFilter
- Improved HasChildren
- Add min_similarity and prefix_length to flt.
- Added _scope to HasChildQuery. (andreiz)
- Added parent/child document in test indexing. Added _scope to HasChildFilter.
- Added MissingFilter as a subclass of TermFilter
- Fixed error in checking TermsQuery (merrellb)
- If an analyzer is set on a field, the returned mapping will have an analyzer
- Add a specific error subtype for mapper parsing exceptions (rboulton)
- Add support for Float numeric field mappings (rboulton)
- ES.get() now accepts "fields" as well as other keyword arguments (eg "routing") (rboulton)
- Allow dump_curl to be passed a filehandle (or still a filename), don't for filenames to be in /tmp, and add a basic test of it.
- Add alias handling (rboulton)
- Add ElasticSearchIllegalArgumentException - used for example when writing to an alias which refers to more than one index. (rboulton)
- Handle errors produced by deleting a missing document, and add a test for it. (rboulton)
- Split Query object into a Search object, for the search specific parts, and a Query base class. Allow to take a query or a search object. Make some of the methods of Query base classes chainable, where that is an obviously reasonable thing to do. (rboulton)
- Added delete of mapping type.
- Embedded urllib3 to be buildout safe and for users sake.
- Some code cleanup.
- Added reindex by query (usable only with my elasticsearch git branch).
- Added contrib with mailman indexing.
- Autodetect if django is available and added related functions.
- Code cleanup and PEP8.
- Reactivated the morelikethis query.
- Fixed river support plus unittest. (Tavis Aitken)
- Added autorefresh to sync search and write.
- Added QueryFilter.
- Forced name attribute in multifield declaration.
- Added is_empty to ConstantScoreQuery and fixed some bad behaviour.
- Added CustomScoreQuery.
- Added parent/children indexing.
- Added dump commands in a script file "curl" way.
- Added a lot of fix from Richard Boulton.
- Added jython support (HTTP only for now).
- API Changes: errors -> exceptions.
- Splitting of query/filters.
- Added open/close of index.
- Added the number of retries if server is down.
- Refactory Range query. (Andrei)
- Improved HTTP connection timeout/retries. (Sandymahalo)
- Cleanup some imports. (Sandymahalo)
- Added collecting server info.
- Version 0.12 or above requirement.
- Fixed attachment plugin.
- Updated bulk insert to use new api.
- Added facet support (except geotypes).
- Added river support.
- Cleanup some method.
- Added default_indexes variable.
- Added datetime deserialization.
- Improved performance and memory usage in bulk insert replacing list with StringIO.
- Initial propagation of elasticsearch exception to python.
- Added http transport, added autodetect of transport, updated thrift interface.
- Added bulk insert, explain and facet.
- Added new geo query type.
- Added new connection pool system based on pycassa one.
- Initial working version.