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Add 'mean' and 'reverse_mean' orderings for TermStatsFacet #279

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Alberto Paro


This is small update to add 'mean' and 'reverse_mean' ordering values for TermStatsFacet.
Please look here


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Apr 07, 2013
piterimov Add 'mean' and 'reverse_mean' orderings for TermStatsFacet ee1a92b
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5 pyes/
@@ -343,8 +343,9 @@ def __init__(self, name, size=10, order=None, key_field=None, value_field=None,
343 343 key_script=None, value_script=None, params=None, **kwargs):
344 344 super(TermStatsFacet, self).__init__(name, **kwargs)
345 345 self.size = size
346   - self.ORDER_VALUES = ['term', 'reverse_term', 'count', 'reverse_count', 'total',
347   - 'reverse_total', 'min', 'reverse_min', 'max', 'reverse_max']
  346 + self.ORDER_VALUES = ['term', 'reverse_term', 'count', 'reverse_count',
  347 + 'total', 'reverse_total', 'min', 'reverse_min',
  348 + 'max', 'reverse_max', 'mean', 'reverse_mean']
348 349 self.order = order if order is not None else self.ORDER_VALUES[0]
349 350 self.key_field = key_field
350 351 self.value_field = value_field

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