Leaflet plugin for NASA GIBS Imagery integration
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Leaflet plugin for NASA EOSDIS GIBS imagery integration. 154 products are available. Date can be set dynamically for multi-temporal products. No-data pixels of MODIS Multiband Imagery can be made transparent.

Works with both Leaflet 0.7.x and 1.0.x!


First, include list of GIBS products and the plugin itself:

<script src="src/GIBSMetadata.js"></script>
<script src="src/GIBSLayer.js"></script>

Then create a GIBS layer:

var layer = new L.GIBSLayer('MODIS_Aqua_SurfaceReflectance_Bands721', {
    date: new Date('2015/04/01'),
    transparent: true

Check the Demo!

###API The main class L.GIBSLayer extends L.TileLayer.

new L.GIBSLayer(GIBSLayerID, options)

GIBSLayerID is GIBS Imagery Layer Identifier, see list of available products.

The following options can be set:

Option Type Description
date Date Date for multi-temporal products
transparent Boolean Make no-data pixels of MODIS Multiband Imagery transparent

Note about transparent option. GIBS Multiband Imagery layers use JPEG tiles without transparency (all no-data pixels are black). HTML Canvas and corresponding no-data layers are used to make no-data pixels transparent. It leads to additional requests to server and more computations in browser. So, use this option if you really need it!

The following additional methods are available.

Method Description
setDate(date: Date) Set new date for multi-temporal layers
setTransparent(isTransparent: Boolean) Switch on/off transparency for no-data pixels. Works only if transparent option was explicitly set in constructor
isTemporal(): Boolean Returns true for multi-temporal layers

###Layers Metadata The list of all available GIBS Layers is available as L.GIBS_LAYERS hash. Keys are layer's IDs, values are the following objects:

  • title - layer's title
  • template - template of layer tiles
  • zoom - max zoom of the layer
  • date (Boolean) - is the layer multi-temporal