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Experiments in WebAudio

Note: much of this code inspired by:

Quick Start

  • Visit
  • From the switch on the top right, switch the patch into edit mode (or, press tab)
  • Right-click to add modules
  • Toggle to play mode to adjust parameters, etc.

This demo presumes an existant knowledge of modular synthesis. For example, how to generate a note by modulating the amplitude of an oscillator with a envelope generator.

Simple synth

  • While in edit mode, right-click and create a NoteIn component
  • Next, right-click and create a VCO (voltage-controlled oscillator) component
  • Connect the freq output of the NoteIn to the freq input of the VCO
  • Create an Env component; connect the vel output of the NoteIn to the vel input of the Env
  • Create a VCA component; connect the outputs from both the VCO and Env to its inputs
  • Connect the outputs of the VCO to the out-1 and out-2 ("master outs") in the bottom left corner
  • Switch to play mode and turn on the patch (bottom right). You can trigger notes using ASDFG on your keyboard*

* or you can use MIDI or even OSC :)

Saving data

All patch data is, by default, stored in LocalStorage. However, if you wish to persist data from multiple patches and parameter sets, you may can create an account / sign in by clicking the glowing ring in the top right. I use Firebase to store patch data in JSON format.