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digraph program{
config [shape=box];
db [shape=box];
grids [shape=box];
query [shape=diamond];
config -> sites_as_ndarray [label=species];
db -> sites_as_ndarray;
sites_as_ndarray -> query;
pseudoabsences [shape=diamond];
config -> gen_pseudoabsences [label=buffer];
query -> gen_pseudoabsences;
gen_pseudoabsences -> pseudoabsences;
extractions [shape=diamond];
query -> extract_environment;
pseudoabsences -> extract_environment;
grids -> extract_environment;
config -> extract_environment [label=predictors];
extract_environment -> extractions;
dataframe [shape=diamond];
query -> sites_and_env;
extractions -> sites_and_env;
pseudoabsences -> sites_and_env;
sites_and_env -> dataframe;
trees [shape=diamond];
config -> brt [label=brt_params];
dataframe -> brt;
brt -> trees;
maps [shape=box];
trees -> brt_predict;
dataframe -> brt_predict;
config -> brt_predict [label=box];
brt_predict -> maps;
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