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-This is the Xtend implementation of the HollingBerries problem. Now I know you're rolling
-your eyes thinking: "Oh gawd, another obscure language I've never heard of!", but hold on
-a sec and hear me out. Xtend is not like your other typical languages. Here are the highlights:
-* Xtend is essentially a pre-processor for Java. So it compiles the code to Java source files,
- which are then compiled by the Java compiler.
-* Java source is valid Xtend source. This means Xtend is simply additions to the Java language to
- make it prettier and more functional.
-* The learning curve is thus not steep. You simply use the bits of Xtend that make things easier for you.
-* Xtend is an Eclipse project and thus has deep Eclipse integration and tooling support. You can even debug
- Xtend code by stepping through Xtend code.
-* Read more here:
-How to run this Xtend version
-* Install Eclipse and Xtend. See here for details:
-* Import the project into Eclipse (File > Import > Existing projects into workspace)
-* Hit the "Run" button. You won't see any output in the console.
-* Check that the pricefile.txt output was created in the project root
-* Verify test passed by running this in the command-line from the project root:
- > $ diff -u ../../pricefile.txt pricefile.txt # Expect no output
-About the Code
-This is a similar implementation to my Ruby implementation, but instead of the elaborate config data, I used the
-powerful switch functionality of Xtend to map the product codes to markups and sell_by dates. Also, unlike the Ruby
-version, as is common in Java, I created a data object to hold the CSV data. This allows code-completion and other
-advantages of statically-typed languages to come through.
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