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Update premium produce explanation

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@@ -121,13 +121,16 @@ The suppliers already took care of the nice packaging, you now have to
make it expensive. Anything supplied by a Premium Produce (tm)
supplier gets an additional 10% markup, and then the price is rounded
up to the nearest Rand.
-For example, if a product costs R25.11 after the extra 10% markup has
+For example, a product that would usually have a 50% markup would now have a 60% markup.
+(It would be incorrect to first apply a 50% markup and then apply another 10% on top of that).
+If a product costs R25.11 after the extra 10% markup has
been applied, you need to round it up to R26.
The Premium Produce suppliers currently are:
* Promise Mashangu (Supplier ID 219)
* Karel Visser (Supplier ID 204)
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