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Andreas Pauley
Andreas Pauley committed Oct 3, 2010
1 parent 78aa0ea commit 726cc8fd60cbd719596b114680ab94199023ff99
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@@ -86,6 +86,13 @@ <h1 class="sideHeader">Other Profiles</h1><!-- Sidebar header -->
<td><a href="" rel="self"><img class="imageStyle" alt="My Unisa studies" src="files/wikistudent.png" width="51" height="45"/></a></td>
+ <td>
+<a href=''>
+ <img alt='Ohloh profile for Andreas Pauley' height='15' src='' width='80' />
+ </td>
<td><a href="" rel="self"><img class="imageStyle" alt="Follow me on Twitter" src="files/twitter.png" width="56" height="39"/></a></td>

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