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Rename grid_values to grid_puzzle

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1 parent 6ea1150 commit 8ea1f8741ae799936e7d5bfb090b0fb7fc42cd39 Andreas Pauley committed Mar 19, 2011
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@@ -44,16 +44,16 @@ def failed(puzzle):
return Puzzle([], puzzle.count)
def parse_grid(grid):
- """Convert grid to a dict of possible values, {square: digits}, or
+ """Convert grid to a puzzle of possible values, {square: digits}, or
return a failed puzzle if a contradiction is detected."""
## To start, every square can be any digit; then assign values from the grid.
puzzle = Puzzle((square, digits) for square in squares)
- for square, digit in grid_values(grid).items():
+ for square, digit in grid_puzzle(grid).items():
if digit in digits and not assign(puzzle, square, digit):
return failed(puzzle) ## (Fail if we can't assign d to square s.)
return puzzle
-def grid_values(grid):
+def grid_puzzle(grid):
"Convert grid into a dict of {square: char} with '0' or '.' for empties."
chars = [c for c in grid if c in digits or c in '0.']
assert len(chars) == 81
@@ -140,7 +140,7 @@ def time_solve(grid):
t = time.clock()-start
## Display puzzles that take long enough
if showif is not None and t > showif:
- display(grid_values(grid))
+ display(grid_puzzle(grid))
if puzzle: display(puzzle)
print '(%.2f seconds)\n' % t
return (t, solved(puzzle), puzzle)

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