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1 parent bf5a497 commit a7ce8ffd5d090534af0693f85bb855e5274b3be3 @apauley committed Feb 25, 2011
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@@ -117,9 +117,9 @@ def time_solve(grid):
times, results, valuedicts = zip(*[time_solve(grid) for grid in grids])
N = len(grids)
if N > 1:
- print """Solved %d of %d puzzles from %s
+ print """Solved %d of %d puzzles from %s in %.6f secs
\t(avg %.6f secs (%d Hz), max %.6f secs, min %.6f secs).""" % (
- sum(results), N, name, sum(times)/N, N/sum(times), max(times), min(times))
+ sum(results), N, name, sum(times), sum(times)/N, N/sum(times), max(times), min(times))
return valuedicts
def solved(values):

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