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End sentences with full-stop

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1 parent 98bf793 commit 6039081ec6615a3154ef2e0aa38173e66ae6549b Andreas Pauley committed Mar 25, 2011
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@@ -236,7 +236,7 @@ print_results(Filename, Seperator) ->
{Total, Avg, Med, Max, Min, NumberPuzzles} = stats(Eliminations),
Hz = NumberPuzzles/TimeInSeconds,
Msg = "Solved ~p of ~p puzzles from ~s in ~f secs (~.2f Hz)
- (~p total eliminations, avg ~.2f, median ~p, max ~p, min ~p)~n",
+ (~p total eliminations, avg ~.2f, median ~p, max ~p, min ~p).~n",
[length(Solved), NumberPuzzles, Filename, TimeInSeconds, Hz,
Total, Avg, Med, Max, Min]).

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