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% VoltDB
Thank you for your interest in VoltDB! The VoltDB project
is managed at
What is VoltDB?
VoltDB is an in-memory online transaction processing (OLTP) database
designed from the ground up to be the fastest most scalable OLTP
system in the world.
What it is not?
VoltDB is not a general purpose database like MySQL or PostgreSQL, for
Getting Started
'ant check' Compile VoltDB and run all tests.
'ant doc' Generate Javadoc in doc/java-api:
'ant dist' Create a .tar.gz distribution with example apps
in obj/release/volt-version.tar.gz.
There are three example projects which can be compiled and run. See for details.
doc/user_guide Getting started using VoltDB.
doc/developer_guide Design overview and how to contribute.
doc/developer_tools Help using Eclipse, KDevelop, debugging...
Additional documentation is available in SVN at:
TODO: need documentation source.
Design specifications are in SVN and are available online at:
TODO: need documentation source.
This content is available at
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