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begin CatalogInteger "Wrapper for an integer so it can be in a list."
int value "Integer Value"
begin ConstantValue "What John Hugg doesn't want me to have"
string value "A string representation of the value"
bool is_null "Whether the value is null"
int type "The type of the value (int/double/date/etc)"
begin Cluster "A set of connected hosts running one or more database application contexts"
Database* databases "The set of databases the cluster is running"
Host* hosts "The set of host that belong to this cluster"
Site* sites "The set of physical execution contexts executing on this cluster"
int num_partitions "The number of partitions in the cluster"
string leaderaddress "The ip or hostname of the cluster 'leader' - see docs for details"
int localepoch "The number of seconds since the epoch that we're calling our local epoch"
bool securityEnabled "Whether security and authentication should be enabled/disabled"
begin Host "A single host participating in the cluster"
int id "Unique host id"
string ipaddr "The ip address or hostname of the host"
int num_cpus "The max number of cpus on this host"
int corespercpu "The number of cores per CPU on this host"
int threadspercore "The number of threads per cores on this host"
int memory "The amount of memory in bytes that this host has"
begin Partition "A logical, replicate-able partition"
int id "Partition id"
begin Site "A physical execution context for the system"
int id "Site Id"
Host? host "Which host does the site belong to?"
Partition* partitions "Which logical data partition does this host process?"
bool isUp "Is the site up?"
int messenger_port "Port used by HStoreCoordinator"
int proc_port "Port used by VoltProcedureListener"
begin Database "A set of schema, procedures and other metadata that together comprise an application"
string project "The name of the benchmark project used for this database instance. Can be null"
string schema "Full SQL DDL for the database's schema"
User* users "The set of users"
Group* groups "The set of groups"
Table* tables "The set of Tables for the database"
Program* programs "The set of programs allowed to access this database"
Procedure* procedures "The set of stored procedures/transactions for this database"
Connector* connectors "Export connector configuration"
SnapshotSchedule* snapshotSchedule "Schedule for automated snapshots"
begin ConnectorTableInfo "Per-export connector table configuration"
Table? table "Reference to the table being ammended"
bool appendOnly "True if this table is an append-only table for export."
begin Connector "Export connector (ELT)"
string loaderclass "The class name of the connector"
bool enabled "Is the connector enabled"
UserRef* authUsers "Users authorized to invoke this procedure"
GroupRef* authGroups "Groups authorized to invoke this procedure"
ConnectorTableInfo* tableInfo "Per table configuration"
begin Group
UserRef* users
bool sysproc "Can invoke system procedures"
bool adhoc "Can invoke the adhoc system procedure
begin GroupRef
Group? group
begin UserRef
User? user
begin User
GroupRef* groups
bool sysproc "Can invoke system procedures"
bool adhoc "Can invoke the adhoc system procedure
string shadowPassword "SHA-1 double hashed hex encoded version of the password"
begin Program "The name of a program with access (effectively a username for an app server)"
begin Procedure "A stored procedure (transaction) in the system"
int id "Unique identifier for this Procedure. Allows for faster look-ups"
string classname "The full class name for the Java class for this procedure"
UserRef* authUsers "Users authorized to invoke this procedure"
GroupRef* authGroups "Groups authorized to invoke this procedure"
bool readonly "Can the stored procedure modify data"
bool singlepartition "Does the stored procedure need data on more than one partition?"
bool everysite "Does the stored procedure as a single procedure txn at every site?"
bool systemproc "Is this procedure an internal system procedure?"
bool mapreduce "Is this procedure a Map/Reduce procedure?"
bool prefetchable "Does this Procedure have Statements can be pre-fetched for distributed transactions?"
bool deferrable "Does this Procedure have at least one deferrable Statement?"
string mapInputQuery "The name of the query that gets executed and fed into the Map function"
string mapEmitTable "The name of the table that the Map function will store data in"
string reduceInputQuery "The name of the query that gets executed and fed into the Reduce function"
string reduceEmitTable "The name of the table that the Reduce function will store data in"
bool hasjava "Is this a full java stored procedure or is it just a single stmt?"
Table? partitiontable "Which table contains the partition column for this procedure?"
Column? partitioncolumn "Which column in the partitioned table is this procedure mapped on?"
int partitionparameter "Which parameter identifies the partition column?"
AuthProgram* authPrograms "The set of authorized programs for this procedure (users)"
Statement* statements "The set of SQL statements this procedure may call"
ProcParameter* parameters "The set of parameters to this stored procedure"
ConflictSet* conflicts "The conflict sets that this stored procedure has with other procedures"
begin Table "A table (relation) in the database"
Column* columns "The set of columns in the table"
Index* indexes "The set of indexes on the columns in the table"
Constraint* constraints "The set of constraints on the table"
bool isreplicated "Is the table replicated?"
Column? partitioncolumn "On which column is the table horizontally partitioned"
int estimatedtuplecount "A rough estimate of the number of tuples in the table; used for planning"
MaterializedViewInfo* views "Information about materialized views based on this table's content"
Table? materializer "If this is a materialized view, this field stores the source table"
bool systable "Is this table an internal system table?"
bool mapreduce "Is this table a MapReduce transaction table?"
bool evictable "Can contents of this table be evicted by the anti-cache?"
bool batchEvicted "Are contents of this table evicted only along with a parent table and not by itself?"
begin TableRef
Table? table
begin MaterializedViewInfo "Information used to build and update a materialized view"
Table? dest "The table which will be updated when the source table is updated"
ColumnRef* groupbycols "The columns involved in the group by of the aggregation"
string predicate "A filtering predicate"
bool verticalpartition "Is this materialized view a vertical partition?"
string sqltext "The text of the sql statement for this view"
begin AuthProgram "The name of a program with access to a specific procedure. This is effectively a weak reference to a 'program'"
begin ProcParameter "Metadata for a parameter to a stored procedure"
int type "The data type for the parameter (int/float/date/etc)"
bool isarray "Is the parameter an array of value"
int index "The index of the parameter within the list of parameters for the stored procedure"
begin Statement "A parameterized SQL statement embedded in a stored procedure"
int id "Unique identifier for this Procedure. Allows for faster look-ups"
string sqltext "The text of the sql statement"
int querytype ""
bool readonly "Can the statement modify any data?"
bool singlepartition "Does the statement only use data on one partition?"
bool replicatedtabledml "Should the result of this statememt be divided by partition count before returned"
bool replicatedonly "Does this statement only access replicated tables?"
bool batched ""
bool secondaryindex ""
bool prefetchable "Whether this query should be examined for pre-fetching if Procedure is being executed as a distributed transaction"
bool deferrable "Whether this query does not need to executed immediately in this transaction"
int paramnum ""
StmtParameter* parameters "The set of parameters to this SQL statement"
Column* output_columns "The set of columns in the output table"
bool has_singlesited "Whether this statement has a single-sited query plan"
PlanFragment* fragments "The set of plan fragments used to execute this statement"
string exptree "A serialized representation of the original expression tree"
string fullplan "A serialized representation of the un-fragmented plan"
bool has_multisited "Whether this statement has a multi-sited query plan"
PlanFragment* ms_fragments "The set of multi-sited plan fragments used to execute this statement"
string ms_exptree "A serialized representation of the multi-sited query plan"
string ms_fullplan "A serialized representation of the multi-sited query plan"
int cost "The cost of this plan measured in arbitrary units"
begin StmtParameter "A parameter for a parameterized SQL statement"
int sqltype "The SQL type of the parameter (int/float/date/etc)"
int javatype "The Java class of the parameter (int/float/date/etc)"
int index "The index of the parameter in the set of statement parameters"
ProcParameter? procparameter "Reference back to original input parameter"
int procparameteroffset "If the ProcParameter is an array, which index in that array are we paired to"
begin PlanFragment "Instructions to the executor to execute part of an execution plan"
int id "Unique Id for this PlanFragment"
bool hasdependencies "Dependencies must be received before this plan fragment can execute"
bool multipartition "Should this plan fragment be sent to all partitions"
bool readonly "Whether this PlanFragment is read only"
string plannodetree "A serialized representation of the plan-graph/plan-pipeline"
bool nontransactional "True if this fragment doesn't read from or write to any persistent tables"
bool fastaggregate "Whether this PlanFragment is an aggregate that can be executed in Java"
bool fastcombine "Whether this PlanFragment just combines its input tables and therefore can be executed in Java"
begin Index "A index structure on a database table's columns"
bool unique "May the index contain duplicate keys?"
int type "What data structure is the index using and what kinds of keys does it support?"
ColumnRef* columns "Columns referenced by the index"
begin ColumnRef "A reference to a table column"
int index "The index within the set"
Column? column "The table column being referenced"
begin Constraint "A constraint on a database table"
int type "The type of constraint"
string oncommit "(currently unused)"
Index? index "The index used by this constraint (if needed)"
Table? foreignkeytable "The table referenced by the foreign key (if needed)"
ColumnRef* foreignkeycols "The columns in the foreign table referenced by the constraint (if needed)"
begin ConstraintRef "A reference to a table constraint"
Constraint? constraint "The constraint that is referenced"
begin Column "A table column"
int index "The column's order in the table"
int type "The type of the column (int/double/date/etc)"
int size "(currently unused)"
bool nullable "Is the column nullable?"
string defaultvalue "Default value of the column"
int defaulttype "Type of the default value of the column"
ConstraintRef* constraints "Constraints that use this column"
MaterializedViewInfo? matview "If part of a materialized view, ref of view info"
int aggregatetype "If part of a materialized view, represents aggregate type"
Column? matviewsource "If part of a materialized view, represents source column"
begin SnapshotSchedule "A schedule for the database to follow when creating automated snapshots"
string frequencyUnit "Unit of time frequency is specified in"
int frequencyValue "Frequency in some unit"
int retain "How many snapshots to retain"
string path "Path where snapshots should be stored"
string prefix "Prefix for snapshot filenames"
begin ConflictPair "A pair of Statements that have a conflict"
Statement? statement0 "The source Statement"
Statement? statement1 "The destination Statement"
TableRef* tables "The list of tables that caused this conflict"
bool alwaysConflicting "If true, then this ConflictPair will always cause a conflict"
int conflictType "Type of conflict (ConflictType)"
begin ConflictSet "A set of conflicts with another procedures"
Procedure? procedure "The other procedure that this conflict set is for"
ConflictPair* readWriteConflicts "ConflictPairs that the parent Procedure has a read-write conflict with the target procedure"
ConflictPair* writeWriteConflicts "ConflictPairs that the parent Procedure has a write-write conflict with the target procedure"
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