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A node.js client for the BaseX server.
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basex - A BaseX client for node.js

This is BaseX client for node.js. It is work in progress.

BaseX is a very light-weight, high-performance and scalable XML Database engine and XPath/XQuery 3.0 Processor, including full support for the W3C Update and Full Text extensions. Built as a lightweight Java server, BaseX also supports XSLT, Webdav and RestXQ.

Installing the BaseX Node client

To install with npm:

npm install basex

    $ mkdir myproject
    cd myproject
    $ npm install basex
    basex@0.5.0 ./node_modules/basex 

Once BaseX is running, test it.

    $ cd examples/
    $ node Example.js 
    milliseconds: 0
    { result: '1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10',
      info: '\nQuery executed in 0.38 ms.\n' }

Installing BaseX

  1. Java is required
  2. Download and install BaseX (tested against version 7.3)
  3. Run basexserver -S

API specification

See in the docs folder for details of the API.


There is a test suite, using vows .

        vows tests/*  --spec

        ♢ BaseX interface test

          Request info
            ✓ we get no error
            ✓ we get a reply
          Send an valid xquery statement:  2+2
            ✓ we get no error
            ✓ and the answer is 4
          Send an invalid command:  2+
            ✓ we get an error
          Create a database
            ✓ we get no error
          Add a document
            ✓ we get no error
          Drop the database
            ✓ we get no error
          Send a xquery and iterate over the result items
            ✓ we get no error
            ✓ and the result is an array

        ✓ OK » 10 honored (0.253s)


  • stream i/o
  • reconnect


Parts inspired by node_redis, BaseX Java client


BSD license

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