Bitsy: The best language to implement when writing your first compiler or interpreter
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Bitsy aims to be the best language to implement when writing your first compiler or interpreter. It is a resource for programmers learning about language design.


BitsySpec aims to codify the definition of Bitsy in a series of tests that can be run against any Bitsy implementation. BitsySpec consists of two parts:

  1. A command line utility for running test specifications against any implementation of Bitsy
  2. A series of "specs", Bitsy programs paired with their expected output, to test the correctness of a given Bitsy implementation

BitsySpec is a useful tool for a first time language implementor. It provides fast, automated feedback on what works and whats left to do in your implementation, even enabling a test driven approach if desired.


This version of BitsySpec has been tested with:

  • OS X/macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or later
  • Xcode 8.0
  • Swift 3.0

Linux support is currently limited by Swift Foundation but should come eventually.

Swift is an implementation detail of BitsySpec. Your compiler or interpreter can be in virtually any language.


To 'install' BitsySpec, simply clone and build the repository. You must have Xcode and the xcodebuild utility installed.

git clone
cd bitsyspec


The runspecs script can be used to conveniently run all specs included in this repo with a provided implementation of Bitsy.

 ./runspecs path/to/my-bitsy
 ✅  Add Integer literals
 ✅  Allow for variable assignment and use
 ✅  Divide Integer literals
 ✅  Calculate the factorial of a number
 ✅  Calculate the first 10 numbers in the fibonacci sequence
 ✅  Branch on negative values with IFN
 ✅  Branch to ELSE on non-negative values with IFN
 ✅  Handle nested branching with IFN
 ✅  Branch to ELSE on positive values with IFP
 ✅  Handle nested branching with IFP...ELSE
 ✅  Handle nested branching with IFP
 ✅  Branch on positive values with IFP
 ✅  Branch on zero values with IFZ
 ✅  Branch to ELSE on non-zero values with IFZ
 ✅  Handle nested branching with IFZ
 ✅  Break from a LOOP construct
 ✅  Break from LOOP based on a counter
 ✅  Allow for nested LOOP constructs
 ✅  Calculate modulus between Integer literal
 ✅  Multiply several Integer literals
 ✅  Handle precedence with parentheses
 ✅  Handle precedence of mathematical operators
 ✅  Calculate all the primes up to 23
 ✅  Print an integer literal
 ✅  Print multiple integer literals
 ✅  Subtract Integer literals
 ✅  Allow use of unassigned variable identifiers

Once built, the command line utility in bin/ can also be pointed at any .bitsy file or directory containing multiple .bitsy files. Each .bitsy file found is run.

usage: bitsyspec bitsy_path spec_path
      run spec(s) at spec_path using bitsy implementation at bitsy_path

If the file is prepended with a code comment which defines the expected output,bitsyspec will run the spec and report success or failure. The comment must be in the correct format.

*Note: bitsyspec assumes your implementation takes a .bitsy file as its only argument, which it can immediately run. For example:

my-bitsy print42.bitsy

Depending on the details of your implementation, you may have to wrap it in a shell script to achieve this. See bitsy-swift's runbitsy for an example.*

Language Specification

This repo contains a collection of specs in the /specs directory. The goal that the specs contained there fully define Bitsy, such that:

  • An implementation passing all specs is considered a valid Bitsy implementation
  • A change to the language would be expressed by a change to or addition of a spec

At the moment, the specs are woefully short of this goal. Where an undefined behavior or ambiguity exists in the language, the behavior of the current canonical implementation (bitsy-swift) should be assumed. Please open an issue to report these!

Want to help us get closer to a fully defined and spec'd language? Consider Contributing


While Bitsy has been created partially in response to a perceived lack of approachable resources for learning language implementation, there are still some good places to start.

I'll be speaking about creating Bitsy and implementing it in Swift at 360iDev and Indie DevStock. If you're attending either, be sure to say hello!


The first-and-canonical implementation of Bitsy is BitsySwift, a compiler written in Swift.

Open a pull request to add your implementation to the list!


Contributions are welcome, and there's lots to do! BitsySpec, both the utility and the spec suite, are considered version 0.1.0 at this point. Your feedback and help are needed.

Discussions about changing the language are welcomed, and will be considered by their alignment with Bitsy's goal: to be a teaching and learning tool for programmers interested in language implementation.

Probably the best thing you could do right now is attempt your own implementation of Bitsy in your favorite language. Your experience in doing so will provide invaluable feedback!

Please be kind and respectful of others when participating!