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Commits on Sep 10, 2012
  1. @jakewins

    Ignoring test for tonight

    jakewins authored
  2. @jakewins

    Modified TestStartupTimeout to not trigger interrupt while database i…

    jakewins authored
    …s booting, because it seems that might put windows file channels in a totally borked state.
  3. @jakewins
Commits on Sep 9, 2012
  1. @jakewins
  2. @jakewins
  3. @jakewins
  4. @tinwelint


    tinwelint authored
Commits on Sep 8, 2012
  1. @jakewins
  2. @jakewins
  3. @jakewins
Commits on Sep 7, 2012
  1. @jakewins
  2. @jakewins

    efactored the server startup healtchecks, combining it with the PreS…

    jakewins authored
    …tartupStoreUpgrader code. Checks and tasks performed before proper server
    start are now uniformly called PreFlightTasks. These can take arbitrary time to perform (eg. upgrades, recovery).
    After the preflight checks, the main server startup uses a timer thread to keep track of startup time. If startup takes longer than the configured timeout,
    the startup process is interrupted.
    This is all done within the main server process, which means we can remove the code in startup scripts that start a bootstrap JVM separately, as well
    as the code that keeps track of startup timeouts.
  3. @systay @jakewins

    Fixes #841: Collect should ignore null values

    systay authored jakewins committed
  4. @nawroth @jakewins

    Remove experimental.

    nawroth authored jakewins committed
  5. @jexp @jakewins

    Refactored Server Module/Webserver setup / reused ExecutionEngine in …

    jexp authored jakewins committed
    removed cyclic dependency server<->webserver and server<->neoservletcontainer
    moved creation of default injectables from neoservletcontainer into neo4j-server
    server is pushing default injectables into webserver
    only the thirdpartyjaxrs module has custom initialization
    default injectables are merged with per-extension injectables
    cypher service now gets execution-engine injected
  6. @jakewins
  7. @peterneubauer @jakewins

    maps containing lists, containing maps are now propertly serialized, …

    peterneubauer authored jakewins committed
    …fixes neo4j/gremlin-plugin#14
  8. @michaelklishin @jakewins

    Inline Iterables.iterable (JDK 7 compatibility)

    michaelklishin authored jakewins committed
  9. @jakewins

    Merge pull request #843 from systay/841

    jakewins authored
    Fixes #841: Collect should ignore null values
  10. @jakewins

    Merge pull request #847 from peterneubauer/plugins-doc

    jakewins authored
    better explaination of return types
  11. @SepiaGroup @jakewins

    Added REST support for Get-Or-Conflict on unique index

    SepiaGroup authored jakewins committed
  12. @peterneubauer
  13. @jakewins

    Merge pull request #711 from peterneubauer/graphity

    jakewins authored
    adding graphity to the domain examples
  14. @jakewins

    Merge pull request #752 from digitalstain/deprecated-refnode

    jakewins authored
    Deprecates the Reference Node
  15. @jakewins

    Fix for broken shell test

    jakewins authored
  16. @miaoski @jakewins

    Landing Miaoskis PR714: Index API get-or-create semantics now work wi…

    miaoski authored jakewins committed
    …th the Batch API. Closes #690.
  17. @peterneubauer @jakewins
  18. @simpsonjulian @jakewins

    Bump version to 1.9

    simpsonjulian authored jakewins committed
Commits on Sep 6, 2012
  1. Ignore test on windows.

    Because this test depends on memory mapping that isn't recommended on Windows.
  2. Test for correct memory mapping of a file that is growing.

    When growing a store file, ensure that new regions at the end of the file are memory mapped, and there are no misses.
  3. @johan-neo

    Merge pull request #845 from thobe/pwp-mark-proper

    johan-neo authored
    Improved adherance to the window locking protocol.
  4. @thobe

    Improved adherance to the window locking protocol.

    thobe authored
    Before locking a LockableWindow it must be marked for use.
    The code path following an expansion of the available bricks now follows this protocol.
    Without this change it is possible (and quite likely) to get into a state where mapped memory is
    never reclaimed, with severely lowered I/O performance following (due to falling back to
    It is (in theory) also possible to get into a state where a window is freed even though some thread
    has marked it, although this has not been observed in a controlled environment yet.
  5. @systay
Commits on Sep 5, 2012
  1. @systay
Commits on Sep 4, 2012
  1. Merge pull request #833 from jakewins/log-gc

    Björn Granvik authored
    More messages.logging, and a better error message for deadlockexception
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