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Before starting, please install "npm" and "docker" (Install npm using:

Clone the repository

git clone

Go into the repository

cd apeer-module-debugger

Install dependencies

npm install

Run the app

npm run dev

How to Use

  • Make sure docker is installed (for windows, make sure that you have shared your drive with docker)
  • Select your module folder
  • Click on "Build module"
  • Choose the inputs for your module (currently only supports file, number and string inputs)
  • Click on "Run module"

Selected input files will be copied to a new "input" folder in your module folder and the output of your module will be available in "output" folder also in your module folder

Features backlog

  • Support more input types
  • Add input restriction (such as user should not be able to input beyond the range and file type restrictions)
  • UI is very primitive right now. UI needs to be better
  • Better error handling
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