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# Copyright 2007-2008 by Stefan Rusterholz.
# All rights reserved.
# See LICENSE.txt for permissions.
# Look in the rake/initialize.rb file for the various options that can be
# configured in this Rakefile. The .rake files in the rake/tasks directory
# are where the options are used.
require 'rake/initialize'
# The default task
task :default => 'spec:run'
# Project details (defaults are in rake/initialize, some cleanup is done per section in the
# prerequisite task in each .task file, some other cleanup is done in post_load.rake) = 'chronos'
Project.meta.version = version_proc("Chronos::VERSION") = ''
Project.meta.bugtracker = 'http://'
Project.meta.feature_requests = 'http://'
Project.meta.use_git = true
# TODO: remove chronos_core from this list later
Project.manifest.exclude += %w[ext/cchronos/**/* ext/chronos_core/**/*]
Project.rdoc.exclude += %w[lib/**/*.yaml ext/**/*]
Project.rubyforge.project = 'chronos'
Project.rubyforge.path = 'chronos'