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# encoding: utf-8 do |s| = "directory_template"
s.version = "1.0.1"
s.authors = "Stefan Rusterholz"
s.homepage = ""
s.description = <<-DESCRIPTION.gsub(/^ /, '').chomp
DirectoryTemplate is a library which lets you generate directory structures and files
from a template structure. The template structure can be a real directory structure on
the filesystem, or it can be stored in a yaml file. Take a look at the examples directory
in the gem to get an idea, how a template can look.
When generating a new directory structure from a template, DirectoryTemplate will process
the pathname of each directory and file using the DirectoryTemplate#path_processor.
It will also process the contents of each file with all processors that apply to a given
The standard path processor allows you to use `%{variables}` in pathnames. The gem comes
with a .erb (renders ERB templates) and .html.markdown processor (renders markdown to
You can use the existing processors or define your own ones.
s.summary = <<-SUMMARY.gsub(/^ /, '').chomp
Lets you generate directory structures from a template, optionally processing paths
(variables in the path) and contents (e.g., render ERB templates).
s.files =
Dir['bin/**/*'] +
Dir['lib/**/*'] +
Dir['rake/**/*'] +
Dir['examples/**/*'] +
Dir['documentation/**/*'] +
Dir['test/**/*'] +
Dir['*.gemspec'] +
if'bin') then
executables = Dir.chdir('bin') { Dir.glob('**/*').select { |f| File.executable?(f) } }
s.executables = executables unless executables.empty?
s.required_rubygems_version ="> 1.3.1")
s.rubygems_version = "1.3.1"
s.specification_version = 3
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