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Deal with swiss zip codes, cantons and communities, using the official swiss post mat[ch] database.


Install the gem: gem install swissmatch-location
Depending on how you installed rubygems, you have to use sudo: sudo gem install swissmatch-location
In Ruby: require 'swissmatch/location'
To automatically load the datafiles: require 'swissmatch/location/autoload'


require 'swissmatch/location/autoload' # use this to automatically load the data

# Get all zip codes for a given code, the example returns the official name of the first
SwissMatch.zip_codes(8000)                   # => "Zürich"(de, 0)

# Get a single zip code, uniquely identified by the 4 digit code and the 2 digit add-on
SwissMatch.zip_code(8000, 0).name                       # => "Zürich"(de, 0)

# Get all names of a zip code for any given language (or all languages)
SwissMatch.zip_code(8000, 0).names(:it)                 # => ["Zurigo"(it, 3)]

# Get the suggested name for a zip code for a given language, avoiding issues with
# zip codes that have multiple or no name for a given language.
SwissMatch.zip_code(8000, 0).suggested_name(:it)        # => "Zurigo"(it, 3)

# Get a zip code by 4 digit code and name, get its add-on
SwissMatch.zip_code(8000, "Zürich").add_on              # => 0

# SwissMatch also provides data over the swiss cantons (Kantone)
SwissMatch.canton("ZH").name(:it)                       # => "Zurigo"
SwissMatch.canton("Zurigo").name                        # => "Zürich"

# SwissMatch also provides data over swiss communities (Gemeinden)
SwissMatch.communities("Zürich").first.community_number # => 261                          # => "Zürich"

SwissMatch and Rails/Databases

If you want to load the data into your database, or use it in a rails project, then you should look at swissmatch-rails. It provides a couple of models and a data loading script.

Relevant Classes and Modules

  • {SwissMatch} Convenience methods to access cantons, communities and zip codes
  • {SwissMatch::Cantons} Swiss canton collection
  • {SwissMatch::Canton} A swiss canton
  • {SwissMatch::Communities} Swiss communities collection
  • {SwissMatch::Canton} A swiss community
  • {SwissMatch::ZipCodes} Swiss zip code collection
  • {SwissMatch::ZipCode} A swiss zip code (a zip code can be described and uniquely identified by either code and city, code and add-on or the swiss posts ONRP)



You can use this code under the {file:LICENSE.txt BSD-2-Clause License}, free of charge. If you need a different license, please ask the author.


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