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bup-ftp - ftp-like client for navigating bup repositories


bup ftp


bup ftp is a command-line tool for navigating bup repositories. It has commands similar to the Unix ftp(1) command. The file hierarchy is the same as that shown by bup-fuse(1) and bup-ls(1).

Note: if your system has the python-readline library installed, you can use the <tab> key to complete filenames while navigating your backup data. This will save you a lot of typing.


The following commands are available inside bup ftp:

ls [-s] [-a] [path] : print the contents of a directory. If no path argument is given, the current directory's contents are listed. If -a is given, also include hidden files (files which start with a . character). If -s is given, each file is displayed with its hash from the bup archive to its left.

cd dirname : change to a different working directory

pwd : print the path of the current working directory

cat filenames... : print the contents of one or more files to stdout

get filename localname : download the contents of filename and save it to disk as localname. If localname is omitted, uses filename as the local name.

mget filenames... : download the contents of the given filenames and stores them to disk under the same names. The filenames may contain Unix filename globs (*, ?, etc.)

help : print a list of available commands

quit : exit the bup ftp client


$ bup ftp
bup> ls
mybackup/    yourbackup/

bup> cd mybackup/
bup> ls
2010-02-05-185507@   2010-02-05-185508@    latest@

bup> cd latest/
bup> ls

bup> get myfile
Saving 'myfile'
bup> quit


bup-fuse(1), bup-ls(1), bup-save(1), bup-restore(1)


Part of the bup(1) suite.

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