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README: add a list of binary packages

Debian/Ubuntu are known to have bup packages in their archives, thanks
to Jon Dowland.

Also, a NetBSD package is currently being built, as was shared by Thomas
Klausner. However, it is still not found in the official NetBSD packages
search engine.

Signed-off-by: Gabriel Filion <>
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@@ -83,6 +83,10 @@ Reasons you might want to avoid bup
Getting started
+From source
- Check out the bup source code using git:
git clone git://
@@ -108,7 +112,23 @@ Getting started
(The tests should pass. If they don't pass for you, stop here and send
me an email.)
rofl0r Mar 9, 2012

here's how to install it on SUSE
sudo zypper in python-setuptools
sudo zypper in fuse-devel
sudo zypper in libacl-devel
sudo zypper in python-devel
sudo easy_install fuse-python
sudo easy_install pylibacl
sudo easy_install xattr

apenwarr Mar 9, 2012
rofl0r Mar 9, 2012

i'm not interested in subscribing to an email list and spending half an hour for this
if you think the info is worth to be included just c/p it, otherwise ignore it

apenwarr Mar 9, 2012
lelutin Apr 2, 2012

@rofl0r : I copy-pasted your comment to the mailing list and asked for someone to confirm the package names. Once we have a confirmation, I can make it into a patch on the README file.

+From binary packages
+Binary packages of bup are known to be built for the following OSes:
+ - Debian:
+ - Ubuntu:
+ - NetBSD
+Using bup
- Try making a local backup as a tar file:
tar -cvf - /etc | bup split -n local-etc -vv

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