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Don't pass --tmpdir to mktemp or expect it to have a default template.

BSD mktemp does not understand --tmpdir, and does not have a default
pattern if none is supplied.

Signed-off-by: Yung-Chin Oei <>
Acked-by: Gabriel Filion <>
Reviewed-by: Rob Browning <>
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1 parent 7a1c342 commit a4d3a67fc4967447c4b137d3cba9396ea0557725 @yungchin yungchin committed with rlbdv
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +1 −1 t/compare-trees
  2. +1 −1 t/
2 t/compare-trees
@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ fi
+tmpfile="$(mktemp /tmp/bup-test-XXXXXXX)"
trap "rm -rf '${tmpfile}'" EXIT
rsync_opts="-niaH$verify_content --delete"
2 t/
@@ -500,7 +500,7 @@ WVSTART "save disjoint top-level directories"
rm -rf $D
mkdir -p $D/x
date > $D/x/1
- tmpdir="$(mktemp --tmpdir=/tmp -d bup-test-XXXXXXX)"
+ tmpdir="$(mktemp -d /tmp/bup-test-XXXXXXX)"
cleanup() { set -x; rm -rf "${tmpdir}"; set +x; }
trap cleanup EXIT
date > "$tmpdir/2"

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