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Add a coding style document.

The document is largely inspired by the one in Scott Chacon's "HACKING"
file [1] in his 'agitmemnon-server' repository on GitHub with some
precision on the docstring style that was adopted for bup.

Signed-off-by: Gabriel Filion <>
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+Python code follows PEP8 [1] with regard to coding style and PEP257 [2] with
+regard to docstring style. Multi-line docstrings should have one short summary
+line, followed by a blank line and a series of paragraphs. The last paragraph
+should be followed by a line that closes the docstring (no blank line in
+between). Here's an example from lib/bup/
+def unlink(f):
+ """Delete a file at path 'f' if it currently exists.
+ Unlike os.unlink(), does not throw an exception if the file didn't already
+ exist.
+ """
+ #code...
+Module-level docstrings follow exactly the same guidelines but without the
+blank line between the summary and the details.
+The C implementations should follow the kernel/git coding style [3].

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