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Commits on Oct 20, 2012
  1. @rlbdv

    Convert BUP_DIR to an absolute path so chdir() won't cause trouble.

    rlbdv authored
    Signed-off-by: Rob Browning <>
    Reviewed-by: Zoran Zaric <>
Commits on Mar 25, 2010
  1. @rlbdv

    Add support for a global --bup-dir or -d argument.

    rlbdv authored committed
    When a "--bup-dir DIR" or "-d DIR" argument is provided, act as if
    BUP_DIR=DIR is set in the environment.
    Signed-off-by: Rob Browning <>
  2. @rlbdv

    Add support for global command-line options (before any subcmd).

    rlbdv authored committed
    Process global arguments via getopt before handling a subcmd, and add
    initial support for a global --help (or -?) option.
    Also support --help for subcmds by noticing and translating
      git ... subcmd --help ...
      git ... help subcmd ...
    Signed-off-by: Rob Browning <>
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