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prefix ?= /usr/local
mandir ?= $(prefix)/share/man
gitdir ?= $(shell git --exec-path)
gitver ?= $(word 3,$(shell git --version))
# this should be set to a 'standard' bsd-type install program
INSTALL ?= install
INSTALL_DATA = $(INSTALL) -c -m 0644
INSTALL_EXE = $(INSTALL) -c -m 0755
INSTALL_DIR = $(INSTALL) -c -d -m 0755
@echo "git-subtree doesn't need to be built."
@echo "Just copy it somewhere on your PATH, like /usr/local/bin."
@echo "Try: make doc"
@echo " or: make test"
install: install-exe install-doc
$(INSTALL_DIR) $(DESTDIR)/$(gitdir)
$(INSTALL_EXE) $< $(DESTDIR)/$(gitdir)/git-subtree
install-doc: git-subtree.1
$(INSTALL_DIR) $(DESTDIR)/$(mandir)/man1/
$(INSTALL_DATA) $< $(DESTDIR)/$(mandir)/man1/
doc: git-subtree.1
%.1: %.xml
xmlto -m manpage-normal.xsl man $^
%.xml: %.txt
asciidoc -b docbook -d manpage -f asciidoc.conf \
-agit_version=$(gitver) $^
rm -f *~ *.xml *.html *.1
rm -rf subproj mainline
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