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import sys, os, re
import helpers, options, client, server, firewall, hostwatch
import compat.ssubprocess as ssubprocess
from helpers import *
# list of:
# or just
def parse_subnets(subnets_str):
subnets = []
for s in subnets_str:
m = re.match(r'(\d+)(?:\.(\d+)\.(\d+)\.(\d+))?(?:/(\d+))?$', s)
if not m:
raise Fatal('%r is not a valid IP subnet format' % s)
(a,b,c,d,width) = m.groups()
(a,b,c,d) = (int(a or 0), int(b or 0), int(c or 0), int(d or 0))
if width == None:
width = 32
width = int(width)
if a > 255 or b > 255 or c > 255 or d > 255:
raise Fatal('%d.%d.%d.%d has numbers > 255' % (a,b,c,d))
if width > 32:
raise Fatal('*/%d is greater than the maximum of 32' % width)
subnets.append(('%d.%d.%d.%d' % (a,b,c,d), width))
return subnets
# or just or just 567
def parse_ipport(s):
s = str(s)
m = re.match(r'(?:(\d+)\.(\d+)\.(\d+)\.(\d+))?(?::)?(?:(\d+))?$', s)
if not m:
raise Fatal('%r is not a valid IP:port format' % s)
(a,b,c,d,port) = m.groups()
(a,b,c,d,port) = (int(a or 0), int(b or 0), int(c or 0), int(d or 0),
int(port or 0))
if a > 255 or b > 255 or c > 255 or d > 255:
raise Fatal('%d.%d.%d.%d has numbers > 255' % (a,b,c,d))
if port > 65535:
raise Fatal('*:%d is greater than the maximum of 65535' % port)
if a == None:
a = b = c = d = 0
return ('%d.%d.%d.%d' % (a,b,c,d), port)
optspec = """
sshuttle [-l [ip:]port] [-r [username@]sshserver[:port]] <subnets...>
sshuttle --server
sshuttle --firewall <port> <subnets...>
sshuttle --hostwatch
l,listen= transproxy to this ip address and port number []
H,auto-hosts scan for remote hostnames and update local /etc/hosts
N,auto-nets automatically determine subnets to route
dns capture local DNS requests and forward to the remote DNS server
python= path to python interpreter on the remote server
r,remote= ssh hostname (and optional username) of remote sshuttle server
x,exclude= exclude this subnet (can be used more than once)
exclude-from= exclude the subnets in a file (whitespace separated)
v,verbose increase debug message verbosity
e,ssh-cmd= the command to use to connect to the remote [ssh]
seed-hosts= with -H, use these hostnames for initial scan (comma-separated)
no-latency-control sacrifice latency to improve bandwidth benchmarks
wrap= restart counting channel numbers after this number (for testing)
D,daemon run in the background as a daemon
V,version print sshuttle's version number
syslog send log messages to syslog (default if you use --daemon)
pidfile= pidfile name (only if using --daemon) [./]
server (internal use only)
firewall (internal use only)
hostwatch (internal use only)
o = options.Options(optspec)
(opt, flags, extra) = o.parse(sys.argv[2:])
if opt.version:
import version
print version.TAG
if opt.daemon:
opt.syslog = 1
if opt.wrap:
import ssnet
ssnet.MAX_CHANNEL = int(opt.wrap)
helpers.verbose = opt.verbose
if opt.server:
if len(extra) != 0:
o.fatal('no arguments expected')
server.latency_control = opt.latency_control
elif opt.firewall:
if len(extra) != 2:
o.fatal('exactly two arguments expected')
sys.exit(firewall.main(int(extra[0]), int(extra[1]), opt.syslog))
elif opt.hostwatch:
if len(extra) < 1 and not opt.auto_nets:
o.fatal('at least one subnet (or -N) expected')
includes = extra
excludes = ['']
for k,v in flags:
if k in ('-x','--exclude'):
if k in ('-X', '--exclude-from'):
excludes += open(v).read().split()
remotename = opt.remote
if remotename == '' or remotename == '-':
remotename = None
if opt.seed_hosts and not opt.auto_hosts:
o.fatal('--seed-hosts only works if you also use -H')
if opt.seed_hosts:
sh = re.split(r'[\s,]+', (opt.seed_hosts or "").strip())
elif opt.auto_hosts:
sh = []
sh = None
sys.exit(client.main(parse_ipport(opt.listen or ''),
opt.syslog, opt.daemon, opt.pidfile))
except FatalNeedsReboot, e:
log('You must reboot before using sshuttle.\n')
except Fatal, e:
log('fatal: %s\n' % e)
except KeyboardInterrupt:
log('Keyboard interrupt: exiting.\n')
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