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README: add a suggestion to try the MacOS GUI app.

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@@ -77,6 +77,10 @@ This is how you use it:
The above is probably what you want to use to prevent
local network attacks such as Firesheep and friends.
+ - OR if you have MacOS and want to try the GUI version:
+ make
+ open ui-macos/Sshuttle*.app
(You may be prompted for one or more passwords; first, the
local password to become root using either sudo or su, and
then the remote ssh password. Or you might have sudo and ssh set

1 comment on commit 9ce2fa0

peyoot commented on 9ce2fa0 Feb 11, 2015

I use this command: sshuttle -D --dns -vvr user@ip:port 0/0 ,to make it run as daemon. But how can I disconnect it? does sshuttle provide any shortcut key to stop or kill the corresponding threads?
I try to use byobu to run it in one terminal, but it turns out that my ssh session to the host that runs sshuttle won't close if I remain sshuttle in background connected to remote server. any solution?

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