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Commits on Aug 11, 2012
Commits on Feb 27, 2011
  1. README/sshuttle.1: add a note about the MacOS kernel bug.

    And its side effects.
    Reported by David Held / Antonio d'Souza.
Commits on Nov 9, 2010
  1. Make password prompting more clear.

    Based on suggestions by Jason Grossman and Ed Maste on the mailing list.
    We now add a [local su] prefix to the 'su' password prompt (by cheating and
    printing it before calling su), and we replace the 'sudo' password prompt
    with '[local sudo] Password: ' (by using the little-known and
    hopefully-portable -p option).
    We no longer call sudo or su if the uid is already 0; otherwise the prefix
    on the 'su' prompt would look weird, since su wouldn't ask for a password in
    that case.
    We don't add a prefix to the ssh password prompt, because it's too hard to
    tell if there will *be* an ssh password prompt.  But people will probably
    assume that the password request is for the server anyway; few people are
    likely to think that 'sshuttle -r' is going to prompt for the
    *local* password.
    Of course none of this is a problem on a modern OS, like Debian, that would
    say something like "Password for" instead of just
    "Password:".  MacOS doesn't do that, however, so I assume many other OSes
    also don't.  Let's try to help them out.
Commits on Oct 1, 2010
Commits on Jul 25, 2010
  1. README: fix some out-of-date system requirements stuff.

    Reported by Jason Axelson.
Commits on May 11, 2010
Commits on May 5, 2010
  1. Don't require the remote server to have sshuttle installed.

    Instead, grab our source code, send it over the link, and have python eval
    it and then start the main() function.
    Strangely, there's now *less* horrible stuff in, because we no longer
    have to munge around with the PATH environment variable.  And this
    significantly reduces the setup required to get sshuttle going.
    Based on a suggestion from Wayne Scott.
Commits on May 3, 2010
  1. README: fix some formatting for easier text-mode readability.

    It looked okay in markdown, but some of the text lines were a bit too long.
  2. README: update to use real markdown-style headings.

    Oops, got those mixed up with some random other markup format.
Commits on May 2, 2010
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