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Path intellisense support for atom
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Path Intellisense support for atom.

Autocomplete provider based on atom autocomplete-plus package


  • Provides path suggestions based on typed path.
  • Current file relative path suggestions are provided typing either self (./) or parent(../) directory location.
  • Project folder relative path suggestions are provided typing forward slash (/).
  • Suggestions are provided at typing by default, but it's also possible to configure them to be provided only by pressing (ctrl + space) shortcut by setting manual-suggest configuration parameter on true.
  • Suggestions are provided within quoted strings both single and double by default.
    It´s possible to configure different scope descriptors in scope-descriptors configuration parameter.
  • Escaping of single quotes is allowed within single-quoted strings.


Install from atom´s settings/packages tab or run following command on a terminal:

  apm install atom-path-intellisense


This package exports following configuration settings to config.cson file:

  • manual-suggest
    If set to true, path suggestions are provided manually only by pressing (ctrl + space) shortcut.

  • scope-descriptors
    Array of scope descriptors to allow suggestions within them.
    Quoted strings both single and double are supported by default.
    See: Scope Descriptors

Example of config.cson file:

    "manual-suggest": "false"
    "scope-descriptors": [


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