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Spring Framework / Bootstrap based blogging engine.
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Spring Framework / Bootstrap based blogging engine.

I've been really busy last months, but recently found some time to spend on this project.

As web traffic moves massively to mobile browsing, it becomes clear that my old blog design do not find any usability on this devices. So I've refreshed my Spring Framework blog engine and replaced the old CSS based frontend with a responsive Twitter Bootstrap design. A lot of changes have been done to integrate the new responsive frontend, and as Bootstrap is JQuery based, I had to get rid of my Mootools code and rewrite with JQuery accordingly. Mixing Javascript frameworks makes me uncomfortable :)

Now, the new <> using the revamped SimpleBlogger engine is live. I hope you like it!

(c) 2016 Antonio Perdices. License: Public Domain. You can use this code freely and wisely in your applications.

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