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Assets 3


  • [CAS-948] - Further productize contributed LDAP-backed password policy CAS extension


  • [CAS-1065] - Mark response complete if Negotiate-Header has been sent in SpnegoNegociateCredentialsAction
  • [CAS-1068] - QueryDatabaseAuthenticationHandler is final when all other AuthenticationHandlers are not final
  • [CAS-1071] - Generic rules for authorized services in applicationContext.xml could be by-passed
  • [CAS-1074] - management.services.service.warn message missing for French message bundle
  • [CAS-1077] - AbstractThrottledSubmissionHandlerInterceptorAdapter not updating counter on unsuccessful login attempt
  • [CAS-1081] - display-name in web.xml has the wrong version number
  • [CAS-1085] - BindLdapAuthenticationHandler doesn't use the parent password encoder
  • [CAS-1088] - Severe Exception StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on unexpected query parameter to CAS server
  • [CAS-1098] - Build of module cas-server-integration-jboss fails due to Access Denied to JBoss Repository
  • [CAS-1102] - Add ClearPass to ship in CAS 3.5, turned off by default
  • [CAS-1103] - screen.welcome.label.netid.accesskey is 'n', should be 'u'
  • [CAS-1107] - In-memory throttle not working
  • [CAS-1109] - CAS openid support bugs
  • [CAS-1122] - Encoding problems on localized properties files in CAS views
  • [CAS-1123] - Allow Configuration of Perf4j Authentication Statistics
  • [CAS-1135] - ClassCastException with JpaTicketRegistry and ServiceMonitor
  • [CAS-1139] - New Monitor framework does not play nice with EhCacheTicketRegistry


  • [CAS-1019] - Proxy Tickets still vended after Service Management config to disallow (add unit test)
  • [CAS-1023] - Unchecking "Participate in SSO" checkbox in service registration causes service to not participate in SSO, effectively setting renew=true for it
  • [CAS-1032] - Make TicketGrantingTicketExpirationPolicy the default configuration in ticketExpirationPolicy.xml
  • [CAS-1054] - Upgrade OpenSAML dependency from 1.1 to 2.x
  • [CAS-1056] - Make it easier to create new RegisteredService implementations
  • [CAS-1066] - Add traditional chinese for Internationalization support
  • [CAS-1072] - Improve ServicesManager.save() API to return the merged RegisteredService rather than returning void
  • [CAS-1079] - Simplify TicketGrantingTicketExpirationPolicy configuration
  • [CAS-1082] - Move Log4J initialization into Spring bean config so that cas.properties can be applied
  • [CAS-1086] - Add support for Farsi & Arabic languages
  • [CAS-1091] - Upgrade to Spring 3.1 and check all dependent libraries for current versions
  • [CAS-1104] - Update Service Ticket expiration config options to be consistent with new TGT Policy config
  • [CAS-1115] - OpenId : fix/refactor dumb mode - implement smart mode
  • [CAS-1116] - Improve MemCacheTicketRegistry for Configurability and Performance

New Feature

  • [CAS-1041] - Add support for OAuth protocol
  • [CAS-1076] - ehcache based TicketRegistry for CAS3.x
  • [CAS-1099] - Monitoring and Management Framework
  • [CAS-1101] - Address Licensing Issues


  • [CAS-1069] - Track Developers in POM Files
  • [CAS-1112] - Remove Berkeley DB Integration Module
  • [CAS-1119] - FastBindLdapAuthenticationHandler should not be declared final