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  • [CAS-1059] - Svenskt should be Svenska on casLoginView.jsp
  • [CAS-1060] - Portuguese not is the list of languages in casLoginView.jsp
  • [CAS-1087] - requesting a proxy ticket for an unauthorized service generates an uncaught exception
  • [CAS-1126] - LPPE: missing password policy messages from messages_en.properties (and other languages)
  • [CAS-1142] - Submitting blank login form results in 'CAS is unavailable'
  • [CAS-1144] - Multiple AuditResourceResolvers share the same key
  • [CAS-1151] - ibernate cannot serialize org.scribe.up.profile.facebook.FacebookObject, ticket persistence on database fails
  • [CAS-1156] - Clearpass is incompatiable with EhCache Ticket Registry
  • [CAS-1160] - Providers' authorization urls are lost during login webflow
  • [CAS-1162] - Service Registry UI: Add DnD support allowing automatic updates to the service evaluation order
  • [CAS-1163] - Classcast error in OAuth20AccessTokenController
  • [CAS-1174] - The cache manager of ClearPass conflicts with EhCache Ticket Registry
  • [CAS-1177] - SPNEGO 401 Header Status sent along with CAS Login Page
  • [CAS-1191] - Minor Typo in SamlMetaDataPopulator


  • [CAS-951] - Upgrade to OpenSAML 2.x for SAML Support
  • [CAS-989] - Include tx namespace / schema by default in deployerConfigContext.xml
  • [CAS-1061] - Improve CAS skinning
  • [CAS-1138] - There are some dependencies on slf4j 1.5.8 API which is incompatible with newer versions
  • [CAS-1140] - Develop Monitors for Vital System Components
  • [CAS-1141] - Improve OAuth module
  • [CAS-1143] - Externalize the followServiceRedirects property, default to false
  • [CAS-1147] - Refactor service authorization check to the beginning of the login flow
  • [CAS-1150] - Update to the latest jasig-parent pom (34)
  • [CAS-1153] - Optimization : delete web sessions on redirect
  • [CAS-1155] - Update the build to require JDK 1.6
  • [CAS-1157] - Polish (Poland) translation
  • [CAS-1159] - Service Registry UI: sort services by evaluation order, instead of name
  • [CAS-1161] - OAuth : Request attributes lost going through oauth authentication
  • [CAS-1172] - Expose Option on HttpClient to Ignore Redirects
  • [CAS-1176] - Externalize the configuration of quartz scheduler that reloads services.
  • [CAS-1180] - Add support for logging when CAS tries to determine the principal Id for a given service.
  • [CAS-1184] - Generate source / javadoc for snapshot artefacts
  • [CAS-1185] - Add Support for Moving Service Manager to Alternate URI Base

New Feature

  • [CAS-999] - per-service selection of user attribute as username

Security Bug

  • [CAS-1190] - Follow Redirects from LogoutController Should Honor Registered Services


  • [CAS-1154] - Update missing maven plugin versions in the pom
  • [CAS-1158] - Update project POMs to note the organization as "Jasig"
  • [CAS-1178] - Upgrade the person directory dependency to v.1.5.1