@mmoayyed mmoayyed released this Jan 14, 2015 · 13092 commits to master since this release

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  • #411 CAS-1429 Escape inputs into LDAP filter expressions. (@serac)
  • #768 Fix for #763: fetch ticket and do proxy check before callback. (@serac)
  • #408 CAS-1431: Build is broken because of the last Twitter change to SSL (@leleuj)
  • #319 CAS-1355: Set allowedToProxy to false by default (SEC_3) (@leleuj)
  • #321 CAS-1166/1168 (3.5.x) login form is not shown on error of Spnego/login form is not shown on error of Spnego (@Unicon)
  • #325 CAS-1347: Missing language keys prevents access should not cause a crash (@leleuj)
  • 21a0f23 CAS-1352: Usename attribute should not be required in the list of allowed attributes (@mmoayyed)
  • d0adc14 Update Ehcache version to 2.7.2. Adjusted gitignore to exlucde bin/ directory. (@mmoayyed)
  • #300 CAS-1343 Fix LDAP resource leak in ContextSourceMonitor (@serac)
  • #294 Don't hard-code the name of a Logger to be the name of a particular subclass (@laszlovandenhoek)
  • #201 CAS-1261 Align HTML views with previously existing views. (@fjollberg)