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# encoding: utf-8
to be used to generate a pile of images for import to deployment-prep commons
and add captions to them depending on font, character and border/background
requires: pycairo, Pillow >= 6.0.0
import configparser
import getopt
import getpass
import os
import sys
import time
import base64
import cairo
import requests
from PIL import Image
from PIL.PngImagePlugin import PngInfo
# FIXME if we get an error logging in we should retry a few times (but
# only if the error is not 'bad password')
def usage(message=None):
'''display usage info about this script'''
if message is not None:
usage_message = """Usage: --font <font-name> --author <name>
--output <path-to-output-file> --start <start-glyph> [--end <end-glyph>]
[--config] <path> [--bgcolor <hex:name>] [--bordercolor <hex:name>]
[--width <canvas-width-in-px>] [--depicts <property-id>] [--wait <seconds>]
[--verbose] | --help
--font (-f): name of font to be used; if there are spaces in the name, it should be quoted
default: none
--author (-a): name of author to be added as Author field in PNG file
default: name of author
--user (-u): name of wiki user
default: name of author
--bgcolor (-b): entry of the form <hex-color-value>:<color-name>
the hex color will be used for the background of the image
the color name will be used in the description of the image
default: #E5CC99:golden
--bordercolor (-B): entry of the form <hex-color-value>:<color-name>
the hex color will be used for the border of the image
the color name will be used in the description of the image
default: #111111:black
--output (-o): path to basename of file to output; the glyph name will be concatenated onto
the filename and the .png extension added. Example:
--output /path/to/fun-items will result in generation of files named
--start (-s): first glyph for which to produce a file
default: none
--end (-e): last glyph for which to produce a file
default: same as start glyph (only one file will be produced)
--config (-c): name of file with configuration settings
default: glyphs.conf in current working directory
--width (-w): width of canvas (of image) in pixels; height and width will be the same
default: 32
--wait (-W): number of seconds to wait between uploads or caption additions
default: 15
--jobs (-j): comma separated list of jobs to do
default: generate,upload,caption,additem,depicts (i.e. all of them)
--depicts (-d): the property id for 'depicts'
default: P180
--log (-l): log file for logging the http status code of uploads
default: none, messages are logged to stderr
--verbose (-v): display messages about files as they are created
default: false
--help (-h): display this usage message
Notes: font is always bold weight; text color is fixed. The property identifier for
'Depicts' is fixed at P245962. (This should probably be configurable!)
Example uses:
python3 -f 'Noto Serif CJK JP' -w 32 -o myfile -a ArielGlenn -s 見
python3 -f 'Noto Serif CJK JP' -o myfile -a ArielGlenn \
-s 0xe8a68b -e 0xe8a68f
python3 -c -j generate,upload -s 覐 -e 趋 -v"""
def log(item, response, success, args):
log the results of an attempted upload of an image or
addition of a caption to a log file; this can be used
to figure out what uploads or captions to retry, where
to restart if the script is interrupted or dies, etc.
if response is None:
status = "-"
status = response.status_code
log_entry = "{status}: (success:{success}) {item}\n".format(
status=status, success=success, item=item)
if 'log' in args and args['log']:
with open(args['log'], "a+") as logfile:
class CairoHex():
'''manage rgb and hex values for (py)cairo'''
def convert_hex(text):
if the text is a string of hex bytes, convert that to unicode
and use it instead
if not text.startswith('0x'):
return text
text = text[2:]
hex_digits = ''.join([letter for letter in text if letter not in 'abcdefABCDEF1234567890'])
if hex_digits:
return text
if len(text) % 2:
return text
# we have a valid hex string, let's convert it then
return bytes.fromhex(text).decode('utf8')
def convert_to_rgb(hexcolor):
convert a hex color value (#aabbcc) to rgb triplet (nnn, nnn, nnn)
if not hexcolor.startswith('#'):
return None
if not len(hexcolor) == 7:
# yeah that's right. six digits and noooo shortcuts.
return None
if [letter for letter in hexcolor if letter not in '#1234567890abcdefABCDEF']:
return None
return (int(hexcolor[1:3], 16), int(hexcolor[3:5], 16), int(hexcolor[5:7], 16))
def convert_rgb_to_pycairo(rgb_color):
convert an rgb triplet (nnn, nnn, nnn) to a triplet suitable for pycairo (0.n, 0.n, 0.n)
return (CairoHex.range_adjust(rgb_color[0]/255), CairoHex.range_adjust(rgb_color[1]/255),
def range_adjust(rgb_field):
given a value that should be a floating point number between 0.1 and 0.9,
adjust it so it is
if rgb_field == 0:
return 0.1
if rgb_field == 1:
return 0.9
return rgb_field
class ImageInfoProvider():
'''read and extract image info'''
def __init__(self):
self.page_text_tmpl = """=={{{{int:filedesc}}}}==
def get_image_info(path):
'''given the path to a png image, get and return the image info from it'''
with as image:
info = image.text
return info
def get_file_page_title(image_info):
'''given the image info from a png image, grab the image title out
of the image info and return it to be used as the File page title
during upload
return image_info['Title']
def get_file_page_comment():
'''given the image info from a png image, cobble together a reasonable
upload edit summary and return it'''
return 'batch upload of glyphs from font Noto Serif CJK JP'
def get_glyph_from_image_info(image_info):
'''give image_info structure, find a string in which
the glyph is embedded in a regular way we know, extract
it and return it'''
# Icon_for_char_見_...
fields = image_info['Title'].split('_', 4)
return fields[3]
def get_file_page_text(self, image_info, today):
'''given the image info from a png image, concoct suitable file page
text contents for it and return them'''
# {'Author': 'ArielGlenn',
# 'Description': 'Character 見 rendered from Noto Serif CJK JP with black border on yellow',
# 'Title': 'Icon_for_char_見_black_yellow_32x32.png',
# 'Software': 'pycairo and pillow'}
description = image_info['Description']
category = 'Chinese letters'
author = image_info['Author']
# double {{ for templates becomes {{{{ with format()
return self.page_text_tmpl.format(description=description,
class ArgParser():
'''parse args, validate them, etc'''
def __init__(self):
self.args = {'config': 'glyphs.conf'}
def get_cairo_arg(self, opt, val):
'''set arg used by the cairo software
for generating glyphs'''
if opt in ["-b", "--bgcolor"]:
self.args['bgcolor'] = val
elif opt in ["-B", "--bordercolor"]:
self.args['bordercolor'] = val
elif opt in ["-f", "--font"]:
self.args['font'] = val
elif opt in ["-w", "--width"]:
self.args['canvas_width'] = val
return False
return True
def get_arg(self, opt, val):
'''set one arg from opt/val'''
if opt in ["-c", "--config"]:
self.args['config'] = val
elif opt in ["-a", "--author"]:
self.args['author'] = val
elif opt in ["-d", "--depicts"]:
self.args['depicts'] = val
elif opt in ["-j", "--jobs"]:
self.args['jobs'] = val
elif opt in ["-s", "--start"]:
self.args['start_glyph'] = val
elif opt in ["-e", "--end"]:
self.args['end_glyph'] = val
elif opt in ["-o", "--output"]:
self.args['output_path'] = val
elif opt in ["-u", "--user"]:
self.args['wiki_user'] = val
elif opt in ["-W", "--wait"]:
self.args['wait'] = val
return self.get_cairo_arg(opt, val)
return True
def get_flag(self, opt):
'''set one flag from opt'''
if opt in ["-v", "--verbose"]:
self.args['verbose'] = True
elif opt in ["-h", "--help"]:
usage('Help for this script\n')
return False
return True
def parse_args(self):
'''get args passed on the command line
and return as a dict'''
(options, remainder) = getopt.gnu_getopt(
sys.argv[1:], "a:b:B:c:d:f:j:l:o:u:w:s:e:vh",
["author=", "bgcolor=", "bordercolor=",
"config=", "depicts", "font=",
"output=", "width=", "start=", "end=", "log=",
"user=", "jobs=", "verbose", "help"])
except getopt.GetoptError as err:
usage("Unknown option specified: " + str(err))
for (opt, val) in options:
if not self.get_arg(opt, val) and not self.get_flag(opt):
usage("Unknown option specified: <%s>" % opt)
if remainder:
usage("Unknown option(s) specified: {opt}".format(opt=remainder[0]))
conf = self.get_config()
self.merge_args(conf, self.get_default_args())
def merge_args(self, conf, default_args):
'''given a (possibly empty) config dict, a dict of default
args, and a dict of args passed in from the command line,
return a dict of args using command line values first, config
settings second, and defaults as a last fallback.'''
for setting in conf:
if setting not in self.args or self.args[setting] is None:
self.args[setting] = conf[setting]
for default in default_args:
if default not in self.args or self.args[default] is None:
self.args[default] = default_args[default]
def get_config(self):
'''read and parse config file entries'''
configfile = self.args['config']
config = {}
if configfile is None:
return config
parser = configparser.ConfigParser()
if not parser.has_section('all'):
for setting in ['author', 'bgcolor', 'bordercolor', 'canvas_width', 'depicts',
'font', 'log', 'output_path', 'user', 'agent', 'wait',
'wiki_api_url', 'wikidata_api_url']:
if parser.has_option('all', setting):
config[setting] = parser.get('all', setting)
return config
def get_default_args():
'''return a dict of the default values for args'''
args = {'font': None,
'author': None,
'bgcolor': '#E5CC99:golden',
'bordercolor': '#111111:black',
'canvas_width': '32',
'depicts': 'P180',
'start_glyph': None,
'log': None,
'jobs': 'generate,upload,caption,additem,depicts',
'end_glyph': None,
'output_path': None,
'wiki_user': None,
'wait': '15',
'verbose': False,
'help': False}
return args
def check_mandatory_args(self):
'''whine about missing mandatory args'''
if 'author' not in self.args or self.args['author'] is None:
usage("mandatory '--author' argument is missing")
if 'wiki_api_url' not in self.args or self.args['wiki_api_url'] is None:
usage("mandatory 'wiki_api_url' config setting is missing")
if 'wikidata_api_url' not in self.args or self.args['wikidata_api_url'] is None:
usage("mandatory 'wikidata_api_url' config setting is missing")
if 'agent' not in self.args or self.args['agent'] is None:
usage("mandatory 'agent' config setting is missing")
if self.args['start_glyph'] is None:
usage("mandatory 'start_glyph' argument is missing")
def validate_args(self):
check that args are valid, not missing, etc.
and do any necessary arg conversions too
if not self.args['canvas_width'].isdigit():
usage('width must be the number of pixels')
if ':' not in self.args['bgcolor']:
usage('Bad bgcolor argument')
self.args['bgcolor_rgb'] = CairoHex.convert_to_rgb(self.args['bgcolor'].split(':')[0])
self.args['bgcolor_name'] = self.args['bgcolor'].split(':')[1]
if not self.args['bgcolor_rgb'] or not self.args['bgcolor_name']:
usage('Bad bgcolor argument')
self.args['bgcolor_pycairo'] = CairoHex.convert_rgb_to_pycairo(self.args['bgcolor_rgb'])
if ':' not in self.args['bordercolor']:
usage('Bad bordercolor argument')
self.args['bordercolor_rgb'] = CairoHex.convert_to_rgb(
self.args['bordercolor_name'] = self.args['bordercolor'].split(':')[1]
if not self.args['bordercolor_rgb'] or not self.args['bordercolor_name']:
usage('Bad bordercolor argument')
self.args['bordercolor_pycairo'] = CairoHex.convert_rgb_to_pycairo(
if not self.args['wait'].isdigit():
usage("argument 'wait' must be a number")
if not self.args['depicts'].startswith('P') or not self.args['depicts'][1:].isdigit():
usage("argument 'depicts' must be a property id (Pnnn)")
if self.args['end_glyph'] is None:
self.args['end_glyph'] = self.args['start_glyph']
if self.args['wiki_user'] is None:
self.args['wiki_user'] = self.args['author']
self.args['jobs'] = self.args['jobs'].split(',')
known_jobs = ['generate', 'upload', 'caption', 'additem', 'depicts']
for job in self.args['jobs']:
if job not in known_jobs:
usage("bad value to --jobs, known values are " + ",".join(known_jobs))
class PngWriter():
'''write a png with metadata'''
def __init__(self, args, metadata):
self.args = args
self.metadata = metadata
def write_rectangle(self, canvas_width, canvas_height, ctx):
'''write a rectangle with given background
and border color'''
# background
ctx.rectangle(0, 0, canvas_width - 1, canvas_height - 1)
self.args['bgcolor_pycairo'][1], self.args['bgcolor_pycairo'][2])
# border
ctx.set_source_rgb(self.args['bordercolor_pycairo'][0], self.args['bordercolor_pycairo'][1],
def write_glyph(self, canvas_width, canvas_height, glyph, ctx):
'''write a glyph centered in the rectangle'''
ctx.set_source_rgb(0, 0, 0)
ctx.set_font_size(canvas_width - 2)
ctx.select_font_face(self.args['font'], cairo.FONT_SLANT_NORMAL, cairo.FONT_WEIGHT_BOLD)
(x_bearing, y_bearing, text_width, text_height, _dx, _dy) = ctx.text_extents(glyph)
if self.args['verbose']:
print("x_advance is", _dx, "and y_advance is", _dy)
print("text_width is", text_width, "and text_height is", text_height)
print("x_bearing is", x_bearing, "and y_bearing is", y_bearing)
options = cairo.FontOptions()
ctx.move_to(canvas_width/2 - text_width/2 - x_bearing,
canvas_height/2 - text_height/2 - y_bearing)
def write_png(self, output_path, glyph):
given an output file path, the glyph to be displayed, and a dict of args
including the font face, the background color and the width of the output
image (height will be the same as the width), create an image with a 2 pixel
border of the desired color, a background with the specified color and the
centered glyph in black.
canvas_width = int(self.args['canvas_width'])
canvas_height = canvas_width
# for bitmap output. all units in pixels
surface = cairo.ImageSurface(cairo.FORMAT_RGB24, canvas_width, canvas_height)
ctx = cairo.Context(surface)
self.write_rectangle(canvas_width, canvas_height, ctx)
self.write_glyph(canvas_width, canvas_height, glyph, ctx)
def add_png_metadata(self, path, glyph):
given the path to a png file and the glyph it contains,
write appropriate metadata fields into the file
self.metadata['Description'] = self.metadata['_Description_tmpl'].format(glyph=glyph)
self.metadata['Title'] = self.metadata['_Title_tmpl'].format(
glyph=glyph, border=self.args['bordercolor_name'], color=self.args['bgcolor_name'])
with as image:
info = PngInfo()
for entry in ["Author", "Description", "Title", "Software"]:
if not entry.startswith('_'):
info.add_itxt(entry, self.metadata[entry], "en", entry)
basename, filename = os.path.split(path)
newname = os.path.join(basename, 'new-' + filename), pnginfo=info)
if self.args['verbose']:
with as image:
print("new image is", newname)
os.rename(newname, path)
class MediaInfoJob():
'''jobs of various sorts: creating images, uploading them,
setting mediainfo labels ('captions'), creating items
for use in depicts statements for these images, etc.'''
def __init__(self, args):
self.args = args
# format we like in commons uploads: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS = time.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S", time.gmtime())
render_info = "rendered from {font} with {border} border on {color}".format(
font=args['font'], border=args['bordercolor_name'], color=args['bgcolor_name'])
self.metadata = {
'Author': self.args['author'],
'Software': "pycairo and pillow",
'_Description_tmpl': "Character {glyph} " + render_info,
'_Title_tmpl': "Icon_for_char_{glyph}_{border}_{color}_32x32.png"
# the first time we do a job, this flag will be cleared
self.first_action = True
args['creds'] = {}
args['creds']['commons'] = {'cookies': None, 'token': None}
args['creds']['wikidata'] = {'cookies': None, 'token': None}
def get_url(self, wikiname):
'''given a wikiname, return the right api url for it.'''
if wikiname == 'commons':
return self.args['wiki_api_url']
if wikiname == 'wikidata':
return self.args['wikidata_api_url']
return None
def check_success(response):
'''check the success of a response from MW api,
whine if there is an issue, return True on success
or False otherwise'''
success = False
if response.status_code == 200:
success = True
if 'errors' in response.json():
success = False
if not success:
sys.stderr.write(response.text + "\n")
return success
def request_with_retries(self, params, url, cookies=None, files=None):
'''retry requests that timeout or that fail because the databases are
lagged, with increasing wait times between requests'''
maxretries = 3
retries = 0
# replag_max = 5
conn_timeout = 10
retry_wait = 30
agent_header = {'User-Agent': self.args['agent']}
# params['maxlag'] = replag_max
params['format'] = 'json'
params['formatversion'] = 2
params['errorlang'] = 'en'
params['errorformat'] = 'plaintext'
while retries <= maxretries:
if files is not None:
# cookies needed for files upload
response =
url, data=params, timeout=conn_timeout, headers=agent_header,
cookies=cookies, files=files)
elif cookies is not None:
response =
url, data=params, timeout=conn_timeout, headers=agent_header,
response =
url, data=params, timeout=conn_timeout, headers=agent_header)
if self.args['verbose'] and response is not None:
print("response:", response.text)
if response is not None and response.status_code == 503:
retries += 1
if retries <= maxretries:
time.sleep(retry_wait * retries)
return response
except requests.exceptions.Timeout:
retries += 1
if retries <= maxretries:
time.sleep(retry_wait * retries)
return None
def get_mediainfo_id(self, image_info):
'''given info for an image, find the mediainfo id for the image
on the specified wiki'''
title = ImageInfoProvider.get_file_page_title(image_info)
params = {'action': 'query',
'prop': 'info',
'titles': 'File:' + title}
response = self.request_with_retries(params, self.args['wiki_api_url'])
success = self.check_success(response)
if not success:
return None
page_id = response.json()['query']['pages'][0]['pageid']
except Exception: # pylint: disable=W0703
# fixme should probably show log something here
return None
if page_id == '-1':
sys.stderr.write(response.text + "\n")
return None
return 'M' + str(page_id)
def get_mediainfo(self, minfo_id):
'''given the mediainfo id, get the mediainfo content
in json format and return it'''
params = {'action': 'wbgetentities',
'ids': minfo_id}
response = self.request_with_retries(params, self.args['wiki_api_url'])
success = self.check_success(response)
if not success:
return None
mediainfo = response.json()['entities'][minfo_id]
except Exception: # pylint: disable=W0703
return None
return mediainfo
def wikidata_has_depict_item(self, image_info):
'''given login tokens, the path to the image and the embedded image
info, see if corresponding item(s) exist for the character on
wikidata (via the wikidata api url, as configured), and if so, return
the list of matching items by Q-id, otherwise return an empty list'''
glyph = ImageInfoProvider.get_glyph_from_image_info(image_info)
params = {'action': 'wbsearchentities',
'props': '',
'search': glyph,
'language': 'en',
'strictlanguage': 'true',
'type': 'item',
'limit': '50'}
response = self.request_with_retries(params, self.args['wikidata_api_url'])
success = self.check_success(response)
if not success:
return None
possibles = []
for _index, entry in enumerate(response.json()['search']):
if entry['match']['type'] != 'label':
if entry['match']['language'] != 'en':
if entry['match']['text'] != glyph:
# full id with the Q
return possibles
def convert_path(path, glyph):
add - + glyph to the filename, and make sure that the
.png suffix is added afterwards
if path.endswith('.png'):
path = path[0:-4]
return path + '-' + glyph + '.png'
def generate_image(self, glyph):
'''generate an image and save in the specified file path'''
path = self.convert_path(self.args['output_path'], glyph)
png_writer = PngWriter(self.args, self.metadata)
png_writer.write_png(path, glyph)
png_writer.add_png_metadata(path, glyph)
return True
def rfc2047_encode(text):
'''convert utf8 string into something urllib3 likes via rfc2047, ugh'''
return str('=?utf-8?B?{}?='.format(base64.b64encode(text.encode('utf-8'))))
def upload_image(self, glyph):
given path to the image file, a csrf token, and general args,
try to upload it, with some reasonable number of retries.
path = self.convert_path(self.args['output_path'], glyph)
comment = ImageInfoProvider.get_file_page_comment()
image_info = ImageInfoProvider.get_image_info(path)
provider = ImageInfoProvider()
text = provider.get_file_page_text(image_info,
title = ImageInfoProvider.get_file_page_title(image_info)
# urllib3 doesn't like utf8 filenames, nor byte strings, so there you have it
# see
encoded_title = self.rfc2047_encode(title)
params = {'action': 'upload', 'filename': title,
'comment': comment, 'text': text,
'token': self.args['creds']['commons']['token'],
'ignorewarnings': 1}
files = {'file': (encoded_title, open(path, 'rb'), 'multipart/form-data')}
response = self.request_with_retries(params, self.args['wiki_api_url'],
success = self.check_success(response)
log(title, response, success, self.args)
return success
def add_caption(self, glyph):
'''construct caption text for the image, find the
image page on the wiki, and add a caption to it
via the MediaWiki api'''
path = self.convert_path(self.args['output_path'], glyph)
image_info = ImageInfoProvider.get_image_info(path)
caption = image_info['Description']
comment = 'add caption'
minfo_id = self.get_mediainfo_id(image_info)
if minfo_id is None:
sys.stderr.write("Failed to retrieve mediainfo id for " + path + ", skipping\n")
return False
if self.args['verbose']:
print("Going to add caption for entity id", minfo_id)
params = {'action': 'wbeditentity',
'id': minfo_id,
'data': '{"labels":{"en":{"language":"en","value":"' + caption + '"}}}',
'summary': comment,
'token': self.args['creds']['commons']['token']}
response = self.request_with_retries(params, self.args['wiki_api_url'],
success = self.check_success(response)
log(caption, response, success, self.args)
return success
def add_wikidata_item(self, image_info):
'''given login tokens, the path to the image and the embedded image
info, add an item for the character in the image to wikidata (via
the wikidata api url, as configured) and return the numeric part
of the Q-id on success, otherwise return None'''
glyph = ImageInfoProvider.get_glyph_from_image_info(image_info)
comment = 'new item for CKJ character'
contents = (
'{"labels":{"en":{"language":"en","value":"' + glyph + '"}},' +
'"descriptions":{"en":{"language":"en","value":"CJK (hanzi/kanji/hanja) character"}}}')
params = {'action': 'wbeditentity',
'new': 'item',
'data': contents,
'summary': comment,
'token': self.args['creds']['wikidata']['token']}
response = self.request_with_retries(params, self.args['wikidata_api_url'],
success = self.check_success(response)
log(glyph, response, success, self.args)
if not success:
return None
return response.json()['entity']['id']
def add_item(self, glyph):
'''add item to wikidata if it's not already there, so
it can be used in later depicts statement'''
path = self.convert_path(self.args['output_path'], glyph)
image_info = ImageInfoProvider.get_image_info(path)
possible_ids = self.wikidata_has_depict_item(image_info)
if possible_ids:
if self.args['verbose']:
print("Item already exists, not adding. Ids:", possible_ids)
return True
item_id = self.add_wikidata_item(image_info)
if item_id is not None:
if self.args['verbose']:
print("for use in depicts statements, created new item with id", item_id)
return True
return False
def get_depicts_from_content(self, mediainfo):
'''given mediainfo content for a specific mediainfo id,
get any depicts statements out of there and collect all the
target Q items in a list and return it'''
depicts_targets = []
if self.args['depicts'] in mediainfo['statements']:
for entry in mediainfo['statements'][self.args['depicts']]:
except Exception: # pylint: disable=W0703
# some unknown value probably, move on
return depicts_targets
def add_depicts(self, glyph):
'''construct depicts statement for the image, find the
image page on the wiki, and add the statement to it
via the MediaWiki api'''
path = self.convert_path(self.args['output_path'], glyph)
image_info = ImageInfoProvider.get_image_info(path)
minfo_id = self.get_mediainfo_id(image_info)
if minfo_id is None:
sys.stderr.write("Failed to retrieve mediainfo id for " + path + ", skipping\n")
return False
possible_ids = self.wikidata_has_depict_item(image_info)
if possible_ids:
# take the first one and hope :-D
depicts_id = possible_ids[0]
if self.args['verbose']:
print("for use in depicts, found existing item with id", depicts_id)
depicts_id = None
if depicts_id is None:
sys.stderr.write("No depicts id for image " + path + ", moving on\n")
return False
mediainfo = self.get_mediainfo(minfo_id)
if minfo_id is None or 'statements' not in mediainfo:
print("Probably no such image, no mediainfo statements available for", path)
return True
existing_depicts = self.get_depicts_from_content(mediainfo)
if depicts_id in existing_depicts:
if self.args['verbose']:
glyph = ImageInfoProvider.get_glyph_from_image_info(image_info)
print("Depicts statement for", glyph, "with mediainfo id", minfo_id,
"and depicted", depicts_id, "already present, moving on")
return True
depicts = ('{"claims":[{"mainsnak":{"snaktype":"value","property":"' +
self.args['depicts'] +
'","datavalue":{"value":{"entity-type":"item","id":"' +
depicts_id + '"},' +
comment = 'add depicts statement'
params = {'action': 'wbeditentity',
'id': minfo_id,
'data': depicts,
'summary': comment,
'token': self.args['creds']['commons']['token']}
response = self.request_with_retries(params, self.args['wiki_api_url'],
success = self.check_success(response)
glyph = ImageInfoProvider.get_glyph_from_image_info(image_info)
log(glyph, response, success, self.args)
return success
def wiki_login(self, prompt, api_url):
log into the wiki given by the wiki api url in the config file,
prompting with the name of the wiki, get a csrf token, return it
and the associated cookies
password = getpass.getpass('Wiki user password ({wiki}): '.format(wiki=prompt))
headers = {'User-Agent': self.args['agent']}
params = {'action': 'query', 'utf8': '',
'meta': 'tokens', 'type': 'login'}
standard_params = {'format': 'json', 'formatversion': 2,
'errorlang': 'en', 'errorformat': 'plaintext'}
result =, data={**params, **standard_params}, headers=headers)
login_token = result.json()['query']['tokens']['logintoken']
except Exception: # pylint: disable=broad-except
sys.stderr.write("No login token retrieved\n")
print({**params, **standard_params})
cookies = result.cookies.copy()
params = {'action': 'login', 'utf8': '',
'lgname': self.args['wiki_user'], 'lgpassword': password,
'lgtoken': login_token}
result =, data={**params, **standard_params},
cookies=cookies, headers=headers)
# {'warnings': {'main': {'*': 'Unrecognized parameter: password.'}},
# 'login': {'result': 'Failed',
# 'reason': 'The supplied credentials could not be authenticated.'}}
body = result.json()
if 'login' not in body or body['login']['result'] != 'Success':
sys.stderr.write("Login after token retrieval failed\n")
sys.stderr.write(result.text + "\n")
cookies = result.cookies.copy()
params = {'action': 'query', 'meta': 'tokens'}
result =, data={**params, **standard_params}, cookies=cookies)
# FIXME should really check for success here, or try/except... anything but this
return cookies, result.json()['query']['tokens']['csrftoken']
def do_job(self, job_name, job, wait=True, login=None):
'''login is a list of wikis for which to log in, if any,
job_name is the name of the job that will appear in errors, job is the actual method to
be called, wait is true if there should be a wait between glyphs'''
for wiki in login:
if not self.args['creds'][wiki]['token']:
self.args['creds'][wiki]['cookies'], self.args['creds'][wiki]['token'] = (
self.wiki_login(wiki, self.get_url(wiki)))
failed = 0
for glyph in range(ord(CairoHex.convert_hex(self.args['start_glyph'])),
ord(CairoHex.convert_hex(self.args['end_glyph'])) + 1):
if self.first_action:
# don't sleep before the first edit of the first job, that's just
# annoying :-P
self.first_action = False
elif wait:
# wait between requests
glyph = chr(glyph)
if not job(glyph):
failed += 1
failed = 0
if failed > 5:
sys.stderr.write("Giving up on {job} ".format(job=job_name) +
"after 5 consecutive failures, check log for details")
def do_jobs(self):
'''do all the jobs in order'''
os.makedirs(os.path.dirname(self.args['output_path']), exist_ok=True)
if 'generate' in self.args['jobs']:
self.do_job('generating', self.generate_image, login=[], wait=False)
if 'upload' in self.args['jobs']:
self.do_job('uploads', self.upload_image, login=['commons'])
if 'caption' in self.args['jobs']:
self.do_job('captions', self.add_caption, login=['commons'])
if 'additem' in self.args['jobs']:
self.do_job('adding items', self.add_item, login=['wikidata'])
if 'depicts' in self.args['jobs']:
self.do_job('depicts', self.add_depicts, login=['commons'])
def do_main():
entry point
argparser = ArgParser()
minfo = MediaInfoJob(argparser.args)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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