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Finding functions, because they're sexy.

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This thing can help you find other things!

Basically, what it does is take input arguments and an expected output, and it tries out every function and macro in a set of namespaces, collecting the names of the ones that produce the output for the input arguments passed. Here are some examples:

user=> (use 'findfn.core)
user=> (use '[clojail.testers :only [secure-tester] :rename {secure-tester tester}])
user=> (find-fn tester 6 3 3) ; 6 is the expected output and the 3s are the input
(clojure.core/+ clojure.core/unchecked-add clojure.core/+' clojure.core/unchecked-add-int)
user=> (find-arg tester [2 3 4] map '% [1 2 3]) ; Finds a function to pass to a higher order function
(clojure.core/unchecked-inc-int clojure.core/unchecked-inc clojure.core/inc clojure.core/inc')


[findfn "0.1.0"]


Copyright (C) 2011 Joshua Cole, Alan Malloy, Anthony Grimes

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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