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#/usr/bin/env python3
from credentials import *
import json, signal, sys, time
import urllib.request
from urllib.parse import urlencode
import http.cookiejar
def sigint_handler(signal, frame):
'''Handles ^c'''
print('Recieved SIGINT! Exiting...')
class Bot:
def __init__(self, username, password):
self.cj = http.cookiejar.CookieJar()
self.opener = urllib.request.build_opener(urllib.request.HTTPCookieProcessor(self.cj))
self.opener.addheaders = [('User-agent', ' v1')]
self._login(username, password)
def _login(self, username, password):
'''Logs into reddit. Returns the modhash.'''
body = {'user' : username, 'passwd' : password, 'api_type' : 'json'}
body = urlencode(body).encode('utf-8')
with'', body) as w:
data = json.loads('utf-8'))
if 'json' in data:
self.modhash = data['json']['data']['modhash']
def submit(self, subreddit, title, url=None, text=None):
'''Makes a submission on reddit and returns the url.'''
body = {'title' : title, 'sr' : subreddit, 'uh' : self.modhash, 'api_type' : 'json'}
if url:
body['kind'] = 'link'
body['url'] = url
if text:
body['text'] = text
body['kind'] = 'self'
body = urlencode(body).encode('utf-8')
with'', body) as w:
link = json.loads('utf-8'))['json']['data']['url']
except urllib.error.HTTPError:
print('Failed to submit!')
def edit_submission(self, thing_id, text):
'''Edits the submission text for a given thing_id.'''
body = {'thing_id' : thing_id, 'text' : text, 'uh' : self.modhash}
body = urlencode(body).encode('utf-8')
with'', body) as w:
return True
except urllib.error.HTTPError:
return False
def get_feed(self, url):
'''Takes a url sans the and returns a dict.'''
if not url.startswith('/'): url = '/' + url
if not url.endswith('/'): url = url + '/'
if not '.json' in url: url += '.json'
with'' + url) as w:
output = json.loads('utf-8'))
if 'data' in output:
return output['data']['children']
return output
def puburl(self, url):
'''Creates or updates a url. If PUBURL does not exist in the credentials file, it will
be created. Otherwise, we're doing an update'''
body = {'login': TINYCC, 'apiKey' : TINYCCKEY, 'c' : 'rest_api', 'version' : '2.0.3',
'format' : 'json', 'longUrl' : url, 'hash' : PUBURL, 'shortUrl' : PUBURL}
body['m'] = 'edit'
body['m'] = 'create'
with'' + urlencode(body)) as w:
return json.loads('utf-8'))['results']
def main():
'''This is the main bot function that, when ran, will grab the last submission+comments, edit
the last submission, and create the next submission for the day.'''
submission_base = '''**Having trouble seeing just the suggestions?** *Try clicking\
[this](*.\n\n-----\n\nHello /r/Minecraft, welcome to the official suggestion post\
for this week. This is the place where all [Suggestion], [Idea], [Mod Request], and other\
submissions of the like are to go. If you have an [Idea], post it as a top-level comment and\
if it's a good one, hopefully it'll be upvoted and commented on.\n\nHere's the top three\
comments from the last submission:'''
navigation_template = '''\n\n----\n\nThis submission is for Minecraft suggestions only. If you\
have an idea or suggestion regarding the subreddit, please direct it at the\
[moderators]( Any non-Minecraft\
related suggestions will be removed.\
\n\nNavigation:\n\n[<- prev ]({}?depth=1)'''
comment_template = '''\n\n**[](/{flair}) [{author}]({link})** [{score}][+{ups}/-{downs}]:\n\n>{body}'''
strfdate = time.strftime('%W')
submission_title = '''[Suggestion] Post for week #{}'''.format(strfdate)
# dict to translate css class names to sprite code names
flairs = {'blaze' : 'blaze', 'cavespider' : 'cavespider', 'chicken' : 'chicken', 'cow' : 'cow',
'creeper' : 'creeper', 'enderdragon' : 'enderdragon', 'enderman' : 'enderman',
'ghast' : 'ghast', 'magmacube' : 'magmacube', 'mooshroom' : 'mooshroom', 'pig' : 'pig',
'silverfish' : 'silverfish', 'skeleton' : 'skeleton', 'slime' : 'slime',
'snowgolem' : 'snowgolem', 'spider' : 'spider', 'steve' : 'steve', 'squid' : 'squid',
'testificate' : 'testificate', 'wolf' : 'wolf', 'zombie' : 'zombie',
'zombiepigman' : 'zombiepigman', 'sheep' : 'sheep', 'lightgraysheep' : 'sheep_lightgray',
'graysheep' : 'sheep_gray', 'blacksheep' : 'sheep_black', 'brownsheep' : 'sheep_brown',
'pinksheep' : 'sheep_pink', 'redsheep' : 'sheep_red', 'orangesheep' : 'sheep_orange',
'yellowsheep' : 'sheep_yellow', 'limesheep' : 'sheep_lime', 'greensheep' : 'sheep_green',
'lightbluesheep' : 'sheep_lightblue', 'cyansheep' : 'sheep_cyan', 'bluesheep' : 'sheep_blue',
'purplesheep' : 'sheep_purple', 'magentasheep' : 'sheep_magenta', 'ozelot' : 'ozelot',
'catsiamese' : 'cat_siamese', 'catred' : 'cat_red', 'catblack' : 'cat_black',
'irongolem' : 'iron_golem', 'redstonehelper' : 'redstone', 'painting' : 'painting',
'rftw' : 'rftw', 'mojang' : 'mojang'}
# login
# get prequisite info about last submission
submission_history = b.get_feed('/user/{}/submitted/.json?limit=1'.format(USERNAME))
# This wont work unless we have an account dedicated for the bot, which we don't atm.
last_submission = b.get_feed('/user/{}/submitted/'.format(USERNAME))[0]['data']
if last_submission['title'] == submission_title: sys.exit(0) # Sanity check
last_url = last_submission['permalink']
last_thing_id = last_submission['name']
last_submission = b.get_feed(last_url)
last_text = last_submission[0]['data']['children'][0]['data']['selftext']
last_comments = last_submission[1]['data']['children']
# This will because aperson would never start a submission with [Suggestion]:
#for i in submission_history:
#if i['data']['title'].startswith('[Suggestion]'):
#last_url = i['data']['permalink']
#last_thing_id = i['data']['name']
#last_submission = b.get_feed(last_url)
#last_text = last_submission[0]['data']['children'][0]['data']['selftext']
#last_comments = last_submission[1]['data']['children']
top_comments = []
for i in last_comments:
i['data']['score'] = i['data']['ups'] - i['data']['downs']
top_comments.sort(key=lambda x: -x['score'])
formatted_comments = ''
if top_comments:
count = 0
for i in top_comments:
#if i['author'] != '[deleted]': # We're a mod now, so we don't need this
if not i['banned_by']: # If the submission isn't removed, it'll be None
count += 1
if i['author_flair_css_class']:
flair = flairs[i['author_flair_css_class']]
flair = 'blank'
formatted_comments += comment_template.format(author=i['author'], score=i['score'],
ups=i['ups'], downs=i['downs'],
body=i['body'].replace('\n', '\n>'),
SUBREDDIT, i['link_id'][3:],
i['id']), flair=flair
if count == 3: break
formatted_comments = '\n\nLooks like there were no suggestions yesterday.'
submission_text = submission_base + formatted_comments + navigation_template.format(last_url)
# Submit!
submission_url = b.submit(SUBREDDIT, submission_title, text=submission_text)
# Edit the last submission so it includes a <next> link
b.edit_submission(last_thing_id, '{}|[ next ->]({}?depth=1)'.format(last_text.replace('&lt;', '<'
).replace('&gt;', '>'),
# Finally, we need to update the permalink
# having issues with puburl, pending contact from their devs
# So, we hack it:
with open(DBPATH, 'w') as f:
if __name__ == '__main__':
signal.signal(signal.SIGINT, sigint_handler)