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Offers a ruby client for the open development services such as send SMS, voice call, ip location and local search of the Deutsche Telekom AG.
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This library provides access to open development services of the Deutsche Telekom AG. For more details about the services see

Depending on your operating system you might want to skip the “sudo” command prior to the commands listed here.


sudo gem install developergarden_sdk

Dependent gems will be installed automatically.

Basic usage

You can use the gem from pure Ruby applications and of course from Ruby on Rails apps as well.

To use the gem from your Ruby app

require 'rubygems'
gem 'developergarden_sdk'
require 'token_Service/token_service'
require 'sms_service/sms_service'
require 'voice_call_service/voice_call_service'
require 'quota_service/quota_service'
require 'service_environment'

Ruby Example to validate a number

#!/usr/bin/env ruby -d

require 'rubygems'
gem 'developergarden_sdk'
require 'token_Service/token_service'
require 'sms_service/sms_validation_service'
require 'service_environment'

service ="<USER>", "<PASSWORD>")

message = "Das Keyword zur Validierung Ihrer Rufnummer lautet #key# und gŸltig bix #validUntil#."
number  = "+49-12345678"
originator = "McGuyver"

response = service.send_validation_keyword(message, number, originator, ServiceEnvironment.MOCK)

# No you receive an sms with the validation keyword

keyword = "SECRET"
response = service.validate(keyword, number, ServiceEnvironment.MOCK)

# No the number should be validated.

# Let verify this by having a look at the list of validated numbers:
response = service.get_validated_numbers(ServiceEnvironment.MOCK)

response.validated_numbers.each do |number|
  puts number.number + " is valid until " + number.validated_until

Ruby Example to send a sms

#!/usr/bin/env ruby -d

require 'rubygems'
gem 'developergarden_sdk'
require 'token_Service/token_service'
require 'sms_service/sms_service'
require 'service_environment'

sms ="<USER>", "<PASSWORD>")
sms_response = sms.send_sms("+49177 0000001", "Your message text.", "RubySDK", ServiceEnvironment.PRODUCTION, "")

Ruby Example to perform an ip location request

require 'rubygems'
gem 'developergarden_sdk'
require 'token_service/token_service'
require 'ip_location_service/ip_location_service'

@ip_location_service ="<USER>", "<PASSWORD>")

ip ="")
response = @ip_location_service.locate_ip(ip, ServiceEnvironment.PRODUCTION)

puts response.ip_address_locations.first.address
puts response.ip_address_locations.first.is_in_region.country_code
puts response.ip_address_locations.first.is_in_region.region_name

# If you except a single ip location (if you have passed a single ip to look up)
# then you can use the following way to access the location
puts response.ip_address_location.address
puts response.ip_address_location.is_in_region.country_code
puts response.ip_address_location.is_in_region.region_name

Ruby Example to perform a local search

require 'rubygems'
gem 'developergarden_sdk'
require 'token_service/token_service'
require 'local_search_service/local_search_service'

@service ="<USER>", "<PASSWORD>")

search_parameter = {
  :what => "music",
  :near => "Konstanz"
response = @service.local_search(search_parameter, ServiceEnvironment.PRODUCTION)

# Show response xml
puts response.search_result.to_xml
results_where_locs_where = response.search_result.xpath("//RESULTS/WHERE_LOCS/WHERE").first
lat = results_where_locs_where["LAT"]
puts lat

Ruby Example to create a voice call

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require 'rubygems'
gem 'developergarden_sdk'
require 'token_Service/token_service'
require 'voice_call_service/voice_call_service'
require 'service_environment'

voice_call_service ="<USERNAME>", "<PASSWORD>")
voice_call = voice_call_service.new_call("+496978082205", "+496814413", 0, 600, ServiceEnvironment.PRODUCTION)

100.times do |i|
  status = voice_call_service.call_status(voice_call.session_id, ServiceEnvironment.PRODUCTION, keep_alive = 1)

  # Don't poll too often since this might cause strange effects in your app.
  sleep 5

Ruby Example to create a conference call

require 'rubygems'
gem 'developergarden_sdk'
require 'token_Service/token_service'
require 'conference_call_service/conference_call_service'

environment = ServiceEnvironment.PRODUCTION

service ="<USERNAME>", "<PASSWORD>")

conf_details ="A very important conf", "A very impressive description", 30)

response = service.create_conference("max.mustermann", conf_details, nil, environment)

conf_id = response.conference_id

participant ='maxi', 'max', '<NUMBER A>', '', 1)
participant2 ='roger', 'beep', '<NUMBER B>', '', 0)

service.new_participant(conf_id, participant, environment)
service.new_participant(conf_id, participant2, environment)

service.commit_conference(conf_id, ServiceEnvironment.PRODUCTION)

To use your gem from your Ruby on Rails app

In your environment.rb add the following line in the config block:

config.gem 'developergarden_sdk'

Ruby on Rails Example

class SmsNotification


  # Send SMS to Numbers.
  def send_sms(number, message, originator, environment = 2)

  # Create new SmsService instance
  @sms =, PASSWORD)

  # Send SMS to cell phone
  @sms.send_sms(number, message, originator, environment)



More Examples

In order to see more examples have a look the unit tests included in the gem's source code. You might also want to have a look at the actual source code and source code comments.

More Information

More information about developer garden services can be found at:


Did not understand “MustUnderstand” header(s)

Handsoap::Fault: Handsoap::Fault { :code => 'soapenv:MustUnderstand', :reason => 'Did not understand "MustUnderstand" header(s):{}Security' }

You will receive this error message if a mandatory header element is not present or the remote service was unable to process it. Most likely this will happen if something is wrong during the authentication process such as missing parameters like username, password.

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