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AXIOM Beta Software

CircleCI download nightly image

Firmware required to boot & operate the apertus° AXIOM Beta Camera.
Detailed instructions on how to use the Firmware & opertate the camera can be found in the wiki

Download Nightly Firmware

If you want to experiment with the latest changes and dont mind, when the camera isnt working, you try use the untested nightly firmware images.

Building & hacking around

A great way to start hacking on the Beta Frimware is building it. Build instructions can be found in the makefiles/ file. There you will also find instructions for running the firmware inside qemu for development purposes.

Structure of this Repository

The Repository is divided in the following Parts:


Linux user-space tools and scripts used to operate the AXIOM Beta hardware.


Contains the VHDL sources for the various Programmable Logic devices on the board. (Currently not everything is contained)


Files needed in the boot process.


Contains all the other stuff that is needed for creating a Beta firmware image.