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There are some errors that are just too important to miss. Amazon SNS is a very easy-to-use PubSub service that can send you e-mails or texts (or be added to an SQS queue so you can do your own processing on it). This log4j appender lets you easily set a threshold past which logged errors will be sent to an SNS topic, all with 0 additional lines of code (and a couple of lines of properties files).


amazon-sns-log4j-appender is built and distributed with Maven. You can include it in your project with the following dependency in your pom.xml file:


It is not currently deployed to the central repository, so you must also add the TwitSprout Maven repository to the repositories section of your pom.xml file as well:



You don't need any extra code to use this appender; you just need two pieces of configuration:

  1. An file following the regular format of the AWS SDK for Java, described here.
  2. Add an appender in your file using the class com.twitsprout.appender.sns.SnsAsyncAppender. Make sure to set the TopicName and Threshold properties on the appender as well.

You can find a fully-working sample (including in src/test. Just provide your own AWS credentials.


Do I need to wrap this appender in log4j's AsyncAppender?

I don't think it will hurt, but it's not necessary. Even as a regular appender, it uses the Async client for SNS, so your log statements won't block while they get sent. It's really only the penalty for creating the request object that you'll be incurring directly, which shouldn't be an issue since this appender should only be used for critical errors.

Why is my log message being truncated?

Amazon SNS limits published messages to 64K. If your log message exceeds that amount, the appender will automatically truncate it. Keep these messages short and sweet, just enough info for your admin in the field to know what's going on before he finds a computer to do some real analysis.

Why am I getting strange NoClassDefFoundErrors all over the place?

Make sure you have both Log4J and the AWS SDK for Java already added to your classpath. The POM sets these dependencies to <scope>provided</scope> to keep it compatible with custom versions of both of these libraries which many sophisticated users will often want to use.

Why does using this appender completely crash my process, using up truly ridiculous amounts of CPU?

The Threshold should certainly be set higher than INFO, otherwise the logging messages produced by the AWS SDK's own HTTP client will overwhelm the logger.