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*Informal* Git repo for *exploration* of using Markdown on GitHub to develop formal Jasig CAS documentation
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A stab at formal Jasig CAS project documentation using Markdown, which may be more satisfying than DocBook.

Casually Perusing

GitHub will do a decent but not perfect job of rendering the Markdown pages. The actual pages are in the _en_folder. Start at the introduction, e.g.

Hit the "raw" link to view the raw source of that page, and appreciate readability and writeability of raw Markdown source.

You can also download an already built PDF. No promises on whether the source has improved since that PDF was posted.


Currently, supports building to pdf via the makepdfs script (colocated with this README). It takes a little doing to get that script to run, but it's feasible. If it proves too frustrating, please do at least take a look at the already built PDF.


See also etc/notes.markdown

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